The Count of Monte Cristo: The Wild and Wanton Edition, Volume 1

Release date: 22 July 2013
The Count of Monte Cristo: The Wild and Wanton Edition Volume 1Edmond Dantes thinks life is grand until he is arrested and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Upon his ill-gotten freedom, armed with the map to find a vast and endless treasure, Edmond embarks on an adventure to redeem his honor and seek vengeance for the long years he suffered locked away in prison.

French men and sensuality go hand in hand, and although Edmond has been out of the game of love for sometime he learns how to get exactly what he wants, and who. Betrayal, lust, rage, and hope all run along the same emotional vein and Edmond learns how to twist people’s emotions toward exactly what he needs to gain his redemption.

by Monica Corwin and Alexandre Dumas

Wild and Wanton
Sensuality Level: Spicy

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Author Bio:
Monica Corwin is an Ohio native currently misplaced in Maryland with her infant daughter. In the free time her child allows she reads as much as she can and collects novels on Arthurian Legend. Learn more about her at