A Room with a View: The Wild and Wanton Edition

Release date: 30 September 2013
A Room with a ViewHis fingers hungered. George’s heart pounded within the confines of his chest. The young woman bedazzled him like no other. Her beauty allured him, compelled him to act upon impulse. He wanted her. The touch of her soft lips against his, to feel her, to know her quiet sighs. When Lucy left the dinner table with no explanation, it was all too clear…

E. M. Forster’s classic tale of a young woman and man in the early twentieth century who must reject convention to find love lacks only the intimate love scenes to make the story a true classic. Coco Rousseau brings to life what it’s like for this young couple to share their first kiss and what passion might arise from that initial spark. The reader is captured from their opening glance, led through scenes of spontaneous desire, separation, and finally, to that moment Lucy must decide whether to surrender herself completely to George.

Experience a love story born in the romantic hillsides of Tuscany as never before told in this timeless classic and discover whether Lucy can set convention aside to follow her heart.

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Wild and Wanton
Sensuality Level: Spicy

Author Bio:
Coco Rousseau lives in Paris, France. When not partaking of nightlife and fashionable parties, she spends her days strolling through museums, drinking cappuccino in outdoor cafes, and writing romance novels in her penthouse apartment on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. A young widow, her husband left her his entire fortune and beloved Porcelaine dog named Grizou Belle. She and Grizou Belle have been spotted dining together at Bistrot Paul Bert or Le Meurice.

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