What Do You Want to Accomplish?

by Eva Shaw, author of Games of thGames of the Hearte Heart

What would you like to accomplish before…well, now rather than later?

Since way before I could read, I’ve loved stories. When those big cardboard books of my childhood ended, I would sit spellbound thinking up the next adventures for the characters.

As a timid teenager, I did the same with the young adult fiction and especially with the Nancy Drew books that my older sister had tossed aside. Of course the stories only were in my mind’s eye. I didn’t have the confidence to actually write them or even tell anyone I was making them up.

Then when I commuted to and from work, I would create entire books in my mind. A few times, I nearly missed my freeway exit because I was so engrossed in what was happening in my imagination. Have you ever done that?

I’ve been writing and publishing nonfiction for a while and blessed to be successful. I’ve written some serious books on death, grief, recovery, and even one about how the world would end. Yet, I longed to use story telling as a way to inform readers and expose injustice in a much more humanistic way. I love reading mysteries that add humor and romance so I chose that format.

With Games of the Heart, that’s what I did. The core of the novel exposes the dreadful crimes committed against babies and children in second- and third-world orphanages. As you’ve seen on the news, the atrocities are often covered up. The children become pawns for unscrupulous adoption organizations, often posing as Christian agencies, to swindle money from unsuspecting couples as they adopt these little ones. From the beginning, those adoptions are doomed to frustration and often regret, as many little ones suffer from undisclosed mental or physical challenges. The newly adoptive parents are ill-prepared handle the unexpected and emotional hardships.

This sounds all serious, but the results, as my mama would have said created a novel, “That’s a hoot.” The early reviews of Games of the Heart have been extraordinary.

Debbie Macomber, yes, the Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times best-selling author, read the manuscript before I shared it with the editor at Crimson Romance. Debbie said, “What a fun read! Eva Shaw blends strong characters with an insightful, contemporary Christian message weaving in this beguiling mystery/romance. Games of the Heart showcases her oh-so-readable style.”

Just this week, the book was compared to the novels by Janet Evanovich. Speaking of being blown away by these compliments, I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m a woman who wants it all so I’m going to always write fiction and nonfiction. I love Games of the Heart‘s gutsy, plus-size heroine Pastor Jane Angieski so much I know she’ll return in more books. If you have ideas of wicked schemes she can get involved in, as only a fearless coffee-drinking, chocolate-munching woman can, please find me on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Want to Accomplish?

  1. PM Kavanaugh

    Hi Eva, I can definitely relate to your experiences of (almost) missing freeway exits because of the stories running through your mind. I have walked, unseeing, right past my husband in our driveway because I was working out the perfect line of dialogue in my head! Ahhh, the “hazards” of being a writer!!

  2. jw ashley

    The other day Eloisa James thanked me on twitter, and I squealed like a fan girl. I cannot imagine a major writer liking my work or being compared to a super popular writer. Congratulations! I am so happy for you , for me, and all the other Crimsonistas: we are part of a great female writing tradition. From Austen to Woolf , we are women who are making a life for ourselves and finding a room of our own and, as you say, trying to have it all. Aren’t women writers incredible?