Romance Novels by Susan Conley

Paranormal romance author Susan Conley moved to Ireland for 12 months — 14 years ago. She enjoys beauty journalism, novel writing, and horseriding.

New York State of Mind

New York State of Mind: 5 Matches Made in Manhattan

Release date: January 16, 2017 From Broadway to the Battery, from Brooklyn to the Bronx, the bright lights of New York City make the perfect backdrop for love. Five couples search for their soul mates amid Manhattan’s hustle and bustle in this fun Big Apple bundle. New York Minute: When rock star Diego Diaz...

Bewitched and Bothered

Bewitched and Bothered: 5 Spellbinding Romances

Release date: October 31, 2016 Witchcraft is afoot in these five paranormal romances featuring some seriously seductive sorcery. Smart, sexy, and more than slightly supernatural, these enchantresses beguile their heroes with the greatest magic of all: love. That Magic Mischief: When her boyfriend dumps her out of the blue, Annabelle’s hopes of walking down...

Magic & Mayhem

Magic & Mayhem: 7 Mystical Romances to Enchant You

Release date: November 24, 2014 Currently out of print Mix a touch of magic with a pinch of danger and stir in a hunky hero, and you have the perfect recipe for a love potion to make you swoon. These seven stories make for a delicious brew of paranormal romance: That Magic Mischief: Dumped out...

That Magic Mischief

That Magic Mischief

Release Date: 11 February 2013 What was the point of being a witch if Annabelle Walsh couldn’t manage a spell to fix her broken heart? Okay, maybe calling herself a witch was pushing it—but as a dedicated dabbler in all things metaphysical, she figured she could, at the very least, speed up the healing...