Romance Novels by Sophie Rodger

Sophie Rodger lives in the ever-sunny UK, where she’s planning her next romance novel.

A Royal Affair

A Royal Affair: 3 Regal Romances

Release date: October 2, 2017 Waiting for their prince to come? Not these heroines! But when their majestic mates do arrive, they soon discover that finding love is truly a crowning success. The Runaway Queen: Princess Tia Helios has a lofty goal: to modernize her Mediterranean kingdom of Kelephai. Her plan to go off...

The Runaway Queen

The Runaway Queen

Release date: March 13, 2017 As soon as she was old enough, Princess Tia Helios left the bucolic farmlands of the Mediterranean kingdom of Kelephai to pursue a degree in computer science at Oxford. But now she’s back and she’s got a mission. As Kelephai’s future queen, she’s determined to modernize the country and...