Romance Novels by Mary K. Norris

When Mary K. Norris isn’t reading or writing paranormal romance she’s usually found doing some kind of physical activity, playing video games, or at Disneyland.

Super Money

Super Women: 4 Extraordinary Heroines

Release date: April 3, 2017 Grab your capes and get ready to soar with these four extraordinary stories! Featuring strong, confident, and capable women, this quartet of tales shows that saving the world (with an assist from your soul mate sidekick) takes more than just superpowers and special skills—it takes plenty of heart. Electromancer:...

Guild of Truth

Guild of Truth: The Complete Series

Release date: October 24, 2016 Fans of the X-Men will love the Guild of Truth series! A trio of supernaturally gifted couples must fight to stop a power-hungry corporation determined to exploit their abilities for profit. Join them in a world of danger and intrigue as they discover that love is the greatest superpower...

Locked out of Love

Locked Out of Love

Release date: November 2, 2015 Joel Kegler never thought he’d find his Mirror Mate so soon after his breakup with his long-term girlfriend, and fate couldn’t have picked a worse match. Melanie Vyntra wants nothing to do with his Guild of Truth and their super powers. Yet she quickens his blood like no other....

Love Uncharted

Love Uncharted: 8 Otherworldly Paranormal Romances

Release date: November 3, 2014 Currently out of print Get lost in these eight exciting paranormal love stories featuring original dimensions and thrilling adventures. From alternate realities to dystopian futures, these extraordinary romances will transport you to fabulous new frontiers where happy endings await. Collision: Sienna’s world changes in the time it takes for...

Shield from the Heart

Shield from the Heart

Release Date: 24 December 2012 The Guild of Truth is back … Sydney Spencer can’t get the image of the man she saw imprisoned in the basement of the Kratos building out of her head. Nor can she ignore the furious beating of her heart every time she thinks of him. Considering the fact...