Romance Novels by Katriena Knights

Katriena Knights is the author of several contemporary, spicy, and paranormal romances. She lives in the mountains of Colorado.

Summer Heat

Summer Heat: 10 Spicy Romances that Sizzle

Release date: August 11, 2014When the summer sun beats down on the beach, Crimson Romance turns up the sizzle between the pages. From hot bikers to powerful venture capitalists and those oh-so-sexy military men in—and out—of uniform, these ten books put the spotlight on the heroes who make us melt. It’s a collection of...

As If You Never Left Me

As If You Never Left Me

Release date: 29 April 2013 Rey and Joely Birch had what they thought was a perfect marriage. Then, suddenly, it all fell apart. Joely left Rey in a fit of anger, moving halfway across the country to make a new life for herself in Colorado. Now, fourteen months later, she’s happy with how things...