Romance Novels by Iris Leach

While sipping lattés in her local café, and observing young lovers holding hands and smooching, Iris Leach gets ideas for her next contemporary romance.

Love Down Under

Love Down Under: 3 Contemporary Romances

Release date: November 23, 2015 It’s a g’day, mate when three sexy heroes down under tangle with women tough enough to match their fire. You’ll fall in love, too, with these smoldering romances, Aussie-style: Looking for Prince Charming: Glory agrees to pose as her boss’s girlfriend while he campaigns for Lord Mayor of Melbourne—which...

Summer of Love

Summer of Love: 10 Romances to Make You Melt

Release date: August 31, 2015 Everyone’s feeling hot, hot, hot with these sexy summer romances at their fingertips. And who can blame them with these 10 hunks of burning love? Now they’re in one place for one sizzling price. Don’t wait to join the fun—grab a lounge chair, a fruity drink and dive in!...

An Outback Affair

An Outback Affair

Release date: 8 April 2013 Cassie will fight to the end to keep Sam, the nephew she has raised since her sister Claudia was killed in an automobile accident. Sam’s uncle, Joel Caine, has other ideas. He wants to share Sam. Trouble is Joel lives on an outback station in the heart of Western...

Looking for Prince Charming

Looking for Prince Charming

Glory Sandrin is looking for her perfect Prince Charming. She’s in love with Edoardo Pisani, her fellow lawyer and boss, but Edoardo is definitely not the man for her. He changes women as often as he changes his shirt. So when Edoardo asks her to be his “pretend” girlfriend, Glory’s first instinct is to...

a taste of honey

A Taste of Honey

Release Date: 17 December 2012 Charli Honey is a career girl, until she meets her new boss, William Knight. She can’t resist him – result? She’s pregnant with his baby. William Knight will want to do the right thing by her and their baby, but does Charli want to be married to a man...