Discover Sweet Texas Secrets!

The Cooper brothers receive the shock of their lives when their recently deceased father, the owner of the lucrative Guac Ole company, wills away their inheritances to three random women.

Sweet Texas Kiss

In the first Sweet Texas Secrets novel, veterinarian Gavin Cooper reconnects with Macy Young, but his delight turns to despair when his grandfather leaves her his family home. Gavin gets only a pair of old reading glasses and a cryptic note about looking to the past to see his future. Luckily, Macy can’t sell the house for twelve months. Plenty of time for Gavin to find a way to get it back. But will he lose his heart again to his first love in the process? Dive in to the world of Sweet Ridge for the special introductory price of $2.99!

Book 1


Sweet Texas Fire

The fun continues with book 2 of Sweet Texas Secrets, as middle brother Gage Cooper broods over the fact that the piece of oil-rich land he expected to inherit has gone to his business rival, Australian ex-pat Charlotte Wilkinson. Instead he inherits a quarter of a company he has no desire to run and a mysterious key with the clichéd sentiment that the ‘key to everything is happiness’. Charlotte wants nothing to do with the land, but she can’t sell it for a year. The solution? A marriage of convenience that should get them both what they want. Or will it?

Book 2


Sweet Texas Charm

In the third and final Sweet Texas Secrets novel, matchmaking patriarch Jack Cooper strikes again. Becca Nash has no idea why the kind old man left her half his company, since she never had more than a few polite conversations with the guy. Grayson Cooper, Guac Ole’s CEO, is seething and left with just a strawberry-shaped charm and a maddening riddle: “Son, what’s sweeter than success?” But he soon learns his father’s words come from experience and missed opportunity. Jack missed his chance at true love years ago, and he fears his sons will do the same. When Grayson and Becca discover a surprising connection, will Grayson be smart enough to follow his heart instead of his head, before it’s too late?

Book 3