Crimson Romance Writer’s Guidelines

Our digital-first romance line is open to submissions in five popular subgenres: romantic suspense, contemporary, paranormal, historical, and spicy romance. We’re looking for previously unpublished full-length novels (between 50,000 – 90,000 words) and novellas (between 30,000 – 50,000 words). All authors—agented or unagented, beginner or veteran writers—are welcome to submit any works that have not been previously published in whole or in part in any media, including self-publishing (Kindle, CreateSpace, etc.).

While your work can include other genre elements, Crimson Romances must focus first and foremost on a hero and heroine’s emotional journey together towards love. Romances, by nature, must be between consenting adults and have a happily-ever-after or at least happy-for-now ending. We will not look at manuscripts for memoirs or other non-fiction, women’s fiction or chick lit, young adult, mysteries and thrillers, horror, or general fiction. 

Got a romance that’s a little offbeat, something other publishers won’t take a chance on? Send it our way! At Crimson, we believe variety is the spice of life — especially a reader’s life. We’re happy to consider a wide variety of plot lines and characters, but we’re always looking for:

  • Smart, savvy, confident heroines with strong goals
  • Heroes of all varieties — alpha, beta, anything in between! 
  • New twists on favorite themes

And most importantly, we’re seeking authors with fresh, vibrant, unique voices.  We want to know (tell us in the query letter) what makes your book distinctive from every other romance being published.

As an ebook publisher, we want to partner with writers who have a strong online presence and possess a savvy interest in marketing and promoting their work to the digital community.

For more specific submission calls, please see more details below.

If you have a finished novel you’d like for us to consider, please send it along with query letter and detailed 1-3 page synopsis to editor Tara Gelsomino at

IMPORTANT! Please note: Your query should include clearly stated goals, motivations, and conflict for your characters!

NEW! (9/21/15) Crimson Romance is now seeking submissions of LGBTQIA+ adult romances that feature a strong emotional/romantic journey between two partners to happily ever after. M/M romances especially welcome.

Specific Submission Calls

Here are qualities and tropes we’re looking for at the moment:

  • physical action-oriented heroines (martial artists, MMA fighters, etc.>
  • enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romances
  • adventure quest style romances (think Indiana Jones or Ready Player One but with more kissing!)
  • 1930s-style fast patter bantering
  • diverse romances that really showcase heritage, ethnicity and cultural practices
  • mistaken identity/switching places romances
  • romances that also feature very strong friendships/BFF characters
  • female boss/male employee romances

Previous calls for which we’re still seeking manuscripts:

  • Bad girl – Good boy couples
  • zombie romantic comedy (think Warm Hearts or iZombie — or a Walking Dead setting for romance)
  • Gender role reversals or defiance of gender role stereotypes ( i.e. biker heroine, preschool teacher hero)
  • characters who craft (knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, etc.)
  • post-apocalyptic romances grounded in realism (think Battlestar Galactica)
  • Characters who aren’t interested in a nuclear family-style existence
  • Please do not send submissions via snail mail. They will not be considered.