Devil’s Deal

Release date: May 22, 2017
Devil's DealCEO Billionaire Lucas Marx isn’t used to hearing the word “no.” So when he hits on gorgeous moonlighting waitress Bailey Walters and she coldly turns him down, he becomes focused on finding a way into the captivating woman’s heart.

Bailey knows men are more trouble than they’re worth, and golden boy Lucas is especially dangerous. Turns out he’s not just any guy, but the ex of her boss, who is determined to get him back. Bailey is focused on building her career in interior design, and if her boss finds out she’s stolen her man, she’ll lose everything.

When Bailey’s assigned a design project for Lucas’s home, their attraction soon becomes too hot to handle, and Lucas resorts to bribing Bailey’s best friend into setting up a date for them. But building a relationship on lies and deceit is never a good idea…

Can Lucas crack Bailey’s steely façade to find the vulnerable woman hiding beneath? Or will he discover it’s his own heart thBUY NOWat needs defending?

by Michele Arris

Sensuality Level: Spicy

Author Bio:
Michele Arris lives in the Northeast. When she isn’t writing, she likes to watch period classics or simply relax in her hammock and enjoy the sunset.

Find Michele Arris at, on Facebook, and on Twitter @ArrisMichele.


An excerpt from Devil’s Deal:

Returning to his work, Lucas quickly became distracted by the sound of a car’s engine knocking and looked up as a Honda pulled into a parking space. It coughed out a last effort before shutting down.

His head pivoted, doing a double take. Damn! Warm honey—those two words sprung to mind as he watched the honey-brown-skinned woman fiddling under the hood of her car. She was talking to … well, from the looks of it, she was holding a conversation with herself, chatting away.

She couldn’t see him watching her through his tinted windows. Finding her behavior amusing, he sat back and crossed his arms over his chest.

Her hair, a thick mass of curls, was held back from her oval-shaped face with a thin, white hair band and piled into a disheveled updo. The short, khaki skirt she wore showed off long, shapely legs. A tennis player. No, perhaps a runner. Just then, a commotion coming from a small group of ladies standing over by the pet salon drew her attention. A dog had gotten loose from its owner and was now zipping around the parking lot. His mystery lady didn’t hesitate, joining in on the chase to capture the fluffy, white, apparently freshly groomed Maltese. The animal darted under her car, and she instantly dropped down to her knees.

Lucas quickly sat up and slid closer to the window, getting a good look at her ass. “Nice. Real nice,” he murmured appreciatively.

Moments later, she came up with the animal, whose fur no longer resembled puffy white clouds, and handed it off to its distraught owner who headed straight back to the pet salon, likely for a shampoo redo.

His mystery lady palmed her forehead, catching her breath, recovering from the chase.

He chuckled at the dirt smudge her hand left behind. There was something adorable about it.

As she dusted at her skirt while muttering to her car, she gave a look over his way. What the—! His breath caught in his throat. He’d expected brown eyes. He couldn’t tell precisely the color from the distance and through the tinted windows, but they were nowhere near brown. Hazel? Maybe. There was a pearlescent glimmer in her eyes from the sun’s waning amber. Lucas frowned. Pearlescent glimmer … sun’s waning amber—what a bizarre thing to randomly pop into his head. She had his brain spewing ridiculous verse like a besotted idiot. That thought had him moving away from the window, yet he continued to watch her. He told himself to look away, but he simply couldn’t, and he fought back the sudden urge to get out of the car. At the very least, he could make her aware of the dirt on her face. He moved to the door, but she grabbed a satchel from her passenger seat and strolled off. His eyes locked onto her perfect ass in that short skirt, enjoying the gentle sway of her slender hips. She stopped midstride when she came upon another woman.

It’s a uniform. She works at the café. The blonde she was speaking with wore the exact outfit—white polo-style shirt and khaki skirt—but with a short, black apron tied at her waist.

During their exchange, the blonde used her hand to wipe away the dirt smudge, and then the two approached the café.

His mystery lady pulled open the door and out walked Kara with his coffee. She held the door for Kara with a smile—an exquisite smile—and then she and her coworker disappeared within.