The Achilles Project

Former NYPD detective Meghan McCafferty is finished taking chances. Safety first, that’s her motto these days. But on a certain Wednesday in March, she happens to walk into the same coffee shop as Marcus Bixil, a man who closes deals for the powerful Kozlova Group. To her, Marcus is a charming man with quirks. He makes her forget the importance of staying safe.


Only after a black-ops government agency tries to permanently retire her does Meghan realize that Marcus isn’t a charming man with quirks: he’s something else entirely. But what?

Along with her friend Danny Yi, and against adversaries ranging from Marcus’s employer to a freelance operative whose allegiance shifts like sand, Meghan races to discover the secret of Marcus, knowing only that revealing it will protect her – but not knowing the price she’ll have to pay to learn it.

by Jessica Starre

Romantic suspense
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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Author Bio:
Jessica Starre is the author of the Crimson Romance titles A Certain Kind of Magic, Children of the Wolves, and Date with the Devil.