Deadly Star

Release Date: 18 February 2013

Mirabel Campbell is a brilliant but bored scientist and amateur astronomer who wants to trade in her microscope and telescope for a career with a little more excitement. She abruptly gets her wish—her life is transformed into nothing less than high adventure when she spots what she thinks might be a new comet in the California desert night sky. What she doesn’t know could kill her because the flash of light is really a top-secret nanosatellite, and its discovery combined with her scientific specialty makes her the target of a mysterious psychopath who sends an assassin to silence her. Instead, her friends begin to die around her.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Sully, her CIA ex-husband, whom she still loves, gets involved. Now, she also has to deal with the government and some long-buried emotions. Mirabel must learn how to stay alive in a covert world of political intrigue where the unexpected is the norm, and she’s not the kind of woman who’ll wait for her ex-husband or anyone else to make her decisions. She made a promise to find out what’s so special about that tiny point of light in the sky, and she intends to keep that promise.

by cj petterson

“Loved the strong, real characters. They drew me into the story.” – Hazel Pope

“Petterson’s thriller is ripe with intrigue, an artful blend of mystery and romance. Her protagonist is intelligent, feisty, scared, feminine, and conflicted – the portrait of a woman faced with unimaginable challenges.” – Mahala Church, editor and author

“A gutsy astronomer finds herself at the intersection of twinkling stars, and secret satellites. Stir in bribes, blackmail, and international intrigue and you have a thriller from start to finish. Highly recommended!” – John Gordon, author of Katelyn’s Killer

“Stargazing turns deadly for Dr. Mirabel Campbell and those around her when she seeks to identify an unnamed star. cj petterson has crafted a tale of murder, espionage and romance which builds to a dramatic and satisfying conclusion as her heroine, with the help of her ex-husband, tries to determine why she has been targeted by an unknown assassin. With a gift for well-written dialogue and a deft touch at creating suspense, Ms. petterson delivers a must-read story in Deadly Star.” – Rebecca Barrett

Romantic suspense
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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Author Bio: Author “cj petterson” is the pen name of Marilyn A. Johnston. Marilyn is an award-winning writer whose short fiction and non-fiction stories have appeared in several anthologies. Her works-in-progress include another suspenseful romance, a mystery series that features detective “Jake” Konnor, and a young adult fantasy. A first-generation American, Marilyn was born in Texas to Swedish parents and takes her pen name from her paternal grandmother. She is a member of Sisters-in-Crime, SCBWI, and a charter member of the Mobile Writers Guild. She spent 25 years in the automotive industry and now lives near her sons in Mobile, Alabama.