Dangerous Decisions

Release date: April 6, 2015
Dangerous Decisions
Someone is feeding the feds information on alleged illegal activities at the Franklin Everly law firm, and Carino Montgomery is targeted as a prime suspect. There’s enough evidence to put her in the hot seat when hired gun Ramon Terrones arrives to uncover the mole.

But from the moment they meet, Ramon relentlessly pursues Carino, triggering a whirlwind romance packed with fierce emotions … and secrets that won’t remain buried. Both Ramon and Carino have worked hard to put their pasts behind them, but the truth could bring their whole lives crumbling down.

Will their unlikely relationship be worth sacrificing everything they’ve worked for? Or will their secrets prove to be bigger than their love?

by B.B. Cruz

BUY NOWRomantic Suspense
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
B.B. Cruz lives in Alaska with her husband and two teenage daughters. She enjoys cozying up with a romance novel, which helps her make it through the long winters and cold nights.

Find B.B. Cruz at www.bbcruz.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter @bbcruz13.


An excerpt from Dangerous Decisions:

In her frenzied rush, Carino plowed into the man exiting the bathroom. Well, more specifically, her sternum ran into his elbow, so hard that his arm rocketed forward causing him to punch the bathroom door, while simultaneously knocking the wind out of her.

Cursing under his breath and rubbing his injured knuckles, he turned toward the freight train that had hit him. She was dumbfounded. He was truly the most gorgeous male specimen she’d ever seen. Drop-dead, love-at-first-sight gorgeous, in fact. His eyes were melted milk chocolate, deeply set and framed by thick, inky lashes. She wondered if his jet black hair was as silky as it looked, and just barely managed to restrain herself from checking. The hard set of his cleanly shaven, chiseled jaw was softened by his adorable lopsided grin, and the way he wore his suit over skin kissed with a golden tan could have easily landed him on the cover of GQ. He was so perfect, it almost hurt to look at him.

“Are you okay?” What an accent! Carino could only guess it was from some Latin American country.

Sputtering, both from the sight of him and her sudden lack of oxygen, she waved her right hand in the air. Coincidentally, it was the same hand that was holding her replacement white shirt.

He smiled, flashing a mouthful of perfectly straight, gleaming white teeth. “I accept your surrender.”

Struggling to catch her breath while not passing out from the massive amount of blood rushing to her flaming cheeks, Carino’s words came out in a sputter. “S-s-sorry, sir.” Turning abruptly, she continued down the hall and into the ladies’ room, desperate to flee the humiliating situation.

She cringed, as her reflection confirmed she was a total mess. Her barrette had been dislodged during the hallway collision and was now hanging from several loose strands of curly hair, and knocking the wind out of her lungs had caused her eyes to water, smudging her mascara.

No, I’m not crying!

And of course, there was her shirt. Upon closer inspection, she could see that the lace border of her bra was no longer white but dingy, chai brown. Carino quickly swapped clothes, praying her plain white tee would provide sufficient coverage. She made a lame attempt at fixing her barrette and swiped at her under-eye area to remove the lingering black smudges. Her face twisted into a grimace. She hated how her dark hair brought out the shadowed circles under her green eyes, and her skin seemed sallow under all her freckles.

Glancing quickly at the overhead clock, Carino realized she had exactly three minutes to get to the conference room, finish setting up, and help the team pull this off. Abby had warned her months ago of the deep-rooted jealousy that smoldered within a few of her co-workers, especially those who believed they were more qualified than her to be on Raj’s special team; they constantly sought to exploit any mistake she made. All the more reason she had to bring her A-game today and not strike out.