Blood Secrets

Release date: 17 February 2014
Blood SecretsHer dreams will show her who wants him dead, but who can sleep with a sexy man and danger close?

Ileana Alvarez Calderon and her family are bound to the past: them to a country they left two generations ago, and her to a deceased fiancé. But the Sight has shown she’ll have a forbidden lover. Meeting importer Michael Ziffkin awakens a part of her she thought died with her fiancé. But now she dreams of danger, and to protect this man her family rejects, she will have to defy them.

Haunted by the past, Michael has built his business empire to protect his family. Now his company is under siege. As the threats expand to his customers, including the Calderons, Michael and Ileana must uncover who has targeted their industry. Family duty brought them together, but will family pressure tear them apart? In a city gone mad, two cultures collide and the shadowy violence against them erupts into the open. Will they survive to make Ileana’s vision a reality?

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Romantic Suspense
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Multi-published author Shay Lacy lives in northwest Ohio with her photographer/graphic designer husband. She loves following the man of her dreams with a camera in hand and a pen and notebook in her backpack. Sensible secretary by day, romance author by night, when not lost in her imagination, or reading a good book, she is likely researching her next book with a SWAT team ride-along or a visit to a DNA lab. Find Shay at, on Facebook, at and on Twitter: @ShayLacy1.


An excerpt from Blood Secrets:

Ileana Alvarez Calderon came face to face with the man fated to be her lover, a man she’d seen only in a dream.

As she stepped out of the tropical Miami heat and into the dim warehouse, her body came alive and achingly aware of him. He stood talking to a young African American woman, turned slightly away from her. Ileana used the opportunity to catch her breath and study him, this familiar stranger. His navy slacks and light blue dress shirt showed off a long, lithe runner’s body. There was an aura about him of ruthless control, from his cropped sable hair to the suit and tie he wore during Miami’s sweltering summer. Whatever the woman was saying displeased him because his lips were pressed together, his jaw muscles bunched, and his posture rigid.

Protestations of denial surged inside her. This uptight man was not who she’d seen in her dream bed last night. That man’s fierce passion had driven them both to a shattering climax. Of course, that had only happened in her vision. But she had the Sight. All her dreams came true.

Even if they defied logic and reason.

In the darkened bedroom of the dream, she’d assumed her lover was Cuban like her, but this man was white, a man her immigrant Cuban parents would not tolerate touching her. Why had the Sight selected someone so unsuitable? Who was he?

She’d come to Citadel Import-Export to procure merchandise for her family’s chain of souvenir shops, not to ogle the man of her dream. If she could slip by him, maybe she could delay their meeting.

But that chance evaporated as someone entered the building behind her and she was forced to step away from the doorway.

“Excuse me.” A man squeezed past her and disappeared into the cavernous building.

Her dream man’s face swung her way and his dark eyes assessed her in a glance. She felt it as a physical touch. “Can I help you?” Her would-be-lover had a smooth baritone that played up her spine like an instrument.

Ileana swallowed, her throat suddenly dry. “I’m from the Calderon Consortium. I’m here to look over the newest tourist merchandise for our retail stores.”

One dark eyebrow lifted. “I usually deal with Esteban Calderon.” He moved towards her, his stride easy and assured.

“My father is retiring. I’m in line for succession.”

He held out his hand to her. “I’m Michael Ziffkin. I own Citadel Import-Export.” He was the top man himself.

“Ileana Alvarez Calderon.”

She took his hand and anything else she might have said was lost as an electric thrill ran through her. The warmth of his body traveled through his hand to hers. She inhaled his clean male scent. Her head buzzed with white noise. Michael’s hand tightened on hers, his chocolate brown eyes widened fractionally and his nostrils flared.

She knew she would make love with him. And she wouldn’t lie docilely beneath him because the Sight decreed this was meant to be. Instead, she’d revel in his passionate loving, yin to his yang.

“Welcome to the Citadel. I look forward to working with you.” His eyes warmed with appreciation as he looked her over once more. His lips kicked up at the corners, not quite a full-fledged smile.