Release date: February 22, 2016
UnstoppableReeling from the recent Project Powering battle with the evil Nexus Group, were-lynx and veterinarian Lara Monroe struggles with thwarting the group’s plans to eliminate her colony while dealing with her own traumatic past. Still, when her fellow colony cat—and secret crush—Booker Chase needs help, she’s willing to use her special healing touch to help him survive his emotional hell.

A formidable were-lynx and a physician, Booker has his hands full helping patients who were seriously injured in the battle. But nothing can repair his soul, broken from the loss of his wife and the PTSD from his service in Afghanistan … or can it? Now that his good friend Lara is standing by him in his emotional struggles, he’s finding there is more to their connection than he realized. But dare he open his heart?

In the epic conclusion of the Fierce Hearts series, the colony takes its biggest risk of all to shut down the Nexus Group forever—will Lara and Booker survive to take their second chance at love?

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Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Lynn Crandall lives in the Midwest and writes in the company of her cat. Find Lynn Crandall at www.lynn-Crandall.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


An excerpt from Unstoppable:

Lara closed her eyes briefly and settled her mind. She’d driven downtown because she needed to. She had to purchase pet food, but also to prove to herself that fear would not control her. Despite possible threats, she wouldn’t let TNG’s fighting machines dictate her actions. She reopened her eyes to find the soldiers continuing to stare intently, and the stink of trouble emanating off them.

She turned to where her SUV was parked and strode back that way, deciding on passive rather than scared or aggressive. Maybe she’d get lucky, she thought, and they would not engage.

“Hey! Where are you going, girl?”

The gravelly voice of one of the soldiers further confirmed that he was one of the created super soldiers.

She ignored him. Her Crosstrek sat mere yards away now.

In the space of two breaths, the three soldiers sprinted to her, surrounding her, cutting her off from her vehicle.

“I asked you a question, miss.” The soldier leaned in close and sneered at her. “Where are you going?”

Anger tightened her throat. How dare this monster get in her way? Rigid, she stared into his glazed eyes. If she hadn’t already surmised that he was one of TNG’s creations, the glazed eyes would have given it away. The drugs did that to the victims. They were walking, spitting, growling creatures of destruction with no real life in them.

“Don’t make me ask you again.” He glowered, his breath turning her stomach.

“Get out of my way.” Lara tensed her arms, feeling her biceps popping under her shirt, and rammed the heel of her hand into his nose.

“Ahh … ” he howled. Blood splattered down his face.

Lara shoved her way past him and the other two soldiers, wasting no time getting to her vehicle.

At the driver’s door, a soldier grabbed her arm and flipped her backward to the ground. A mixture of rage and panic sped through her. She scrambled back away, but another soldier grabbed her ankle and yanked her close again.

“It’s playtime, boys.” The soldiers circled her, sneering down at her.

“Lara concentrated hard on staying present while her past shuddered through her, blurring her vision with images of the dark secret inside her.

But she was no longer that helpless little girl. The seven-year-old who’d been molested by her uncle. She was thirty-two, and strong. She clenched her teeth and shoved down a growl that threatened to rumble inside her chest. Growling would only make matters worse. If the soldiers realized her identity as a were-lynx, her life would be in danger.

Her hands behind her, she pushed to her feet and assumed a fighting stance. In her face, the soldiers broke out laughing.

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” one scoffed. “You’re a feisty girl, aren’t you?”

The filth coming out of his mouth drove Lara to action. In one smooth move, she leaned back, raised her leg, and swept his feet out from under him. He landed with a thwack, his head slamming against the pavement, but the other two sprang at her. One grabbed her arm and yanked it behind her back while the other one punched her gut.

Lara winced and doubled over, struggling to catch her breath.

“Hey, boys, why are you picking on this woman? What are you, a bunch of sissies?”

Lara’s heart leaped. It was Booker Chase, her fellow colony cat. From out of nowhere, he swiftly snuffed out their game plan.

Muscles all over his body rippled. He spit on the ground and slammed a punch into one soldier’s face while stomping on the chest of the soldier still on the ground. “Stay down,” he barked, his voice commanding and harsh. “Bastardo! Get up and I’ll rip off your head.”

“Where did you come from?” Lara asked between gasps.

Booker kept his eyes on the soldier. “I just drove up. I was on my way to the hospital to do my rounds and saw the attack.”

Lara drew up tall, and roundhouse kicked the third soldier, then nailed him in his groin. “That’s gotta hurt.” She didn’t have any sympathy for the sleaze bag.

Instantly, the soldier dropped into a ball on the sidewalk, moaning. “You bitch!” he squeezed out between clenched teeth.

Booker paused and leveled an admiring gaze at her. “You did all right, Lara. Shall we get out of here?”

Her heart thumped hard. Thirty-four years old, tall, with short, black hair and a dark stubbly beard that complemented his Latino features, Booker unknowingly made her heart stutter. His topaz eyes grabbed her, and she couldn’t pull away. He didn’t know. She knew he didn’t know. That she loved him. “Yes,” she answered simply. “Thanks for helping me out.”