The Sacred Circle

Release date: 23 December 2013
The Sacred CircleBrianna Sage and Devlin Janus have experienced the worst disaster a modern-day witch can face—a Sacred Circle that backfires and kills their best friend. Banished from the coven for the tragedy, each has vowed to never practice the art of magic again. And then the unthinkable happens. Brianna’s mother, a highly competent High Priestess, is intentionally trapped inside a Sacred Circle and left to die.

Returning home, the pair is swept into an unexpected marriage in order to halt the current health epidemic sweeping the commune. Invoking her rights as Interim High Priestess, Brianna pools her magical talents with Devlin to retrieve her mother’s body from the Circle. However, when the cleansing is done, they are faced with even greater obstacles—their growing attraction for one another and proving to the Elder Council there is a master of dark magic amongst them.

Bent on exposing the sinner, Brianna evokes an ancient ritual called The Weaving, hoping to lure the sinner out of hiding. However, as in the past, the invocation backfires, and she is soon engaged in a BUY NOWlife-and-death struggle with the sinner in the Sacred Clearing. And then Devlin becomes an unexpected pawn in their struggle, and she is forced to take drastic measures to save him. Summoning all her hereditary powers, Brianna initiates a radical witches’ pyramid to re-invent the original curse. But will she need to sacrifice the love of her life before it can succeed?

by Rachel James

“Rachel creates fascinating worlds to disappear in and decorates them with vibrant characters to touch every emotion. Often nostalgic and always theatrical, she walks readers seamlessly between worlds while keeping them grounded in the reality of romance.” — Sheila Englehart, author of Warning Signs

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Rachel is known for writing entertaining stories that help people understand the spiritual world better. And she always, always throws her characters into gut-wrenching situations of the magical (and romantic) kind. Learn more about her at or visit her blog at