The Peacekeeper’s Soul

Three years ago Cort O’Leary was the pride of his precinct at NYPD. After he watched his partner and lover die one terrible night, he sought a quieter life in rural New England. He thought he could run from his past, but nightmares about his lover’s death have suddenly become more vivid. Worse, an evil entity—The Story Keeper—has used his sorrow as a conduit and intends to feed off Cort’s soul.

Dawna Nightshade comes from a long line of very powerful witches. She’s supposed to help summon Halloween with the help of an ancient, magical athame—or knife. Sadly, her drunken uncle got himself and the athame locked up in a small New England town. If she doesn’t get that sacred object back and perform the Halloween ritual with it, the season will be lost to mankind.

To recover the athame and get her uncle released from custody, Dawna agrees to help Cort fight off his demon. But can the pair thwart The Story Keeper’s plans, or will they both become victims?

By Candace Sams

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Author Bio:
“I love writing anything magical.” – Candace Sams