The Kindred

When it comes to being psychic, Janice Kelly is the best of the best. And she will have to be because she now finds herself trapped in a chateau with four other psychics by a beautiful spirit bent on releasing her imprisoned soul.

Headaches. Time-slips. Terrifying mind-swaps. None of the group is immune as they are hurled into a tale of murder—of lovers torn apart and souls left in limbo. And no one feels the pressure more than psychic/ magician, Adrian Magus, who shares an especially, erotic mind-link with Janice moments after meeting her.

Soon, the pair, along with their companions, is plunged into an actual replay of the three hundred year old, unsolved murder. Throughout the night, the group struggles to stay alive, using their individual talents to evade deadly mind-links and to piece together the day of the murder.

One by one, they are systematically shut down, until finally, with all hope of survival vanishing, Janice and Adrian are jolted into one last time slip where, second by second, history begins to repeat itself—but this time, with an unexpected, romantic twist.

By Rachel James

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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Author Bio:
Rachel is known for writing entertaining stories that help people understand the spiritual world better. And she always, always throws her characters into gut-wrenching situations of the magical (and romantic) kind.  A Spiritual Counselor for decades, Rachel enjoys using the Metaphysical Arts as a gripping backdrop for her stories.  Using suspense, drama and unexpected romantic twists, her stories always ride the edge of two worlds—the human world and the astral world.