The Gettysburg Vampire

Boasting ten ghost tours, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, swarms with tourists in the summer. But in winter, the small town hunkers down for a different attraction—the annual holiday production at Gettysburg College. This year, Abby Potter chooses for her subject the well-known local legend of a Civil War steam locomotive inhabited by ghosts. She embellishes the folktale with a vampire. It’s a story line she thinks she invented.

Production of Vampire Train is underway, but Abby has one big problem. She can’t find a decent thespian for the leading role. Her boss suggests Malcolm McClellan, Ph.D., a history professor at the college and a renowned Civil War re-enactor.

Abby bristles at the suggestion. She has avoided the brooding, mysterious man for years. With his penetrating stare and quick temper, he exudes danger. But the clock is ticking, and she’s desperate. Malcolm will be her actor.

It turns out to be perfect casting…too perfect.

by Susan Blexrud

“Susan Blexrud is a master at mixing humor, history, imagination, suspense, vampires, and, oh yes, romance. The Gettysburg Vampire is a fast-paced tale of modern love and Civil War legend with more twists and turns than a tangled zipline that leaves you hanging twelve feet above the ground – and then catapults you, breathless, into the saving arms of a sexy, brooding, and mysterious vampire. Ladies, you’re in for a treat! Gentlemen, take notes.” – David Pereda, author of However Long the Night

“Susan Blexrud weaves her tale of each generation into seamless perfection through dazzling clarity and vibrant prose. This girl can write! My prediction? You’ll find yourself rooting for Malcolm and Abby’s untenable 21st-century love affair, even as you cast their parts in the movie.” – Jeanne Charters, author of Shanty Gold

“When Abby casts sexy history professor Malcolm McClellan in the lead role of her play, The Gettysburg Vampire, little does she know that she and Malcolm have played into the hands of those intent on harming them. She also must contend with her feelings for Malcolm and her discovery of his past—he was a colonel in the Union Army who still mourns the death of his wife 150 years ago. Author Susan Blexrud’s sly humor shines through as she weaves the story of Malcolm’s past into his current day struggles to hide his vampirism from the woman he loves and the nasty vampires who seek his powerful blood for their own purposes. Fans of Charlaine Harris and Jeaniene Frost will delight in The Gettysburg Vampire. I’m hoping we see more of Malcolm and Abby in the future!” – Linda Barrett Knopp, general manager and senior buyer for Malaprop’s Bookstore

“Abby Potter is a great heroine cast in a novel filled with intrigue, delightful and satisfying romance and wonderful story-telling.” – Susan Reinhardt, author of Not Tonight Honey, Wait Til I’m a Size Six

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Author Bio:
Susan Blexrud hails from Orlando but currently lives in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, where she quilts, watches birds, leads a monthly romance book club, and conjures her next romance novel. She loves to hear from readers.