The Cougar’s Pawn

Release date: July 13, 2015
The Cougar's PawnEllery Colvard escapes her perfectly organized life for a camping trip with her friends, hoping for a tiny thrill. She’ll settle for a distraction, but instead she gets swept off her feet. Literally.

Alpha were-cougar Mason Foye needs a mate, even if he has to resort to drastic measures to get one. But when he and his brothers sweep up Ellery and her friends, the last thing he expects is a woman with a nasty bite of her own. Not only does Ellery know all about shifters, she’s got magic. In fact, the little witch is a bit scary. What’s more, Ellery isn’t convinced fated mates exist.

If Mason can’t persuade Ellery that they’re destined for a life of excitement together, he’s doomed to spend the rest of his days in his cougar form – without his son, his family, or the woman he’s already fallen for head over heels.

by Holley Trent

BUY NOWParanormal
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Holley Trent is a Carolina girl gone west. She writes contemporary and paranormal romances that have both humor and heat.

Find Holley Trent at, on Facebook, and on Twitter @holleytrent.


An excerpt from The Cougar’s Pawn:

“Did you see that?” Miles’s pale eyes went wide in the dim light and her gaze flitted from the tent slit to each corner of the enclosure in search of some phantom shape only she had seen.

“See what?” Ellery whispered.

“Don’t do this to me, tramp,” Hannah hissed, and she grabbed Miles’s wrist. “So help me God, if I have to get my gun out of the Jeep to feel safe enough to sleep tonight, you’re gonna—”

Wind whipped around the trio, blowing maps and paper wrappers around them as their tent peeled back in one easy yank, exposing them to the elements.

“What the hell?” Ellery scrambled to her feet intending to chase the tent, but no sooner had she turned did a rough hand clap over her mouth and another over her eyes.

When then the hand on her mouth retreated, she tried to open her mouth to scream only to find her lips were taped together.

Memories of the last time someone had gagged her came rushing back, and her heart rate soared.

No. No! Not again.

She wrenched her body around and swung her arms, trying to make contact with her assaulter and vaguely registering her friends’ wild movements in her periphery, but he moved around her with a silken ease and pulled a hood over her head.

Mmmf!” she mumbled, and the attacker grabbed her around the thighs and heaved her up to one broad shoulder.

She kicked, flailed her arms, and thrashed her fists against his back.

He held her tighter, and his hot energy enveloped her, stealing her breath for a moment. It was like stepping into a sauna—stifling and uncomfortable at first, but moments later it was soothing. No. Enervating. She could fall asleep in his grip.

She didn’t know what he was, exactly, only that he wasn’t human. Wasn’t witch, either. She’d know a witch, even if she didn’t know what kind he was.

“Let’s go before the park ranger drives by,” the giant said in a bland voice, far too calm for a man participating in an abduction attempt.

It was a deep voice. Low and rumbling in his chest and a sound as smooth as the one the cello Ellery played as a teen made. She wondered, briefly, if the Neanderthal in possession of that sexy voice had a face to match. Baritones seemed to be in such short supply where she lived, and she’d much rather hear her name called out in the throes of passion in a nice bass than in a strained tenor. Because that was so important at the moment.

She gave herself a thump to the forehead to reboot her common sense and started kicking again.

“What about their stuff?” another deep voice behind them asked.

Sounded like the owner of that voice was straining a bit. I hope one of the girls is giving him hell.

“Ooo!” Ellery said behind her tape, meaning good! When Miles got squirrely, she fought dirty. She’d seen it time and time again when they did kickboxing classes at their gym. Instructors always thought Miles was an easy target because she was so darned cute. Well, Miles wasn’t beneath the occasional low blow. Really low. She was short.

Ellery’s giant starting moving, stopping once to crouch, and then he was up again. “Grab the backpacks. They probably have ID cards in them. Leave the rest.”

“Mmmphf mm ezz oof oooh!” Ellery said when he increased his gait, bouncing her atop his shoulder like a colicky baby on a jiggling knee. What she was trying to say was Put me the fuck down!, but either he didn’t catch the gist or else didn’t care to indulge her.

He kept moving at that inhuman pace, way faster than a man bearing an extra one hundred and…something…pounds should have been capable of.

She pounded her fists against his rock-hard back some more. All the blood pooling in her brain was making her dizzy, and being upside down made her nauseous. It would serve him just right if she puked on his backside.

Feeling loopy, she chuckled at the thought and switched from pounding to scratching. She patted his rear feeling around for the hem of his shirt, and let her palms linger atop his flexing ass cheeks.

Oh my.

Just the right balance of hard and soft. Animalistic speed and reflexes.

Ah. Shifter.

They always had great bodies. Spent a lot of time in the buff, too, if her family-through-marriage accounted for anything. She allowed herself one little squeeze in curiosity.


One more squeeze.

“You break it, you buy it,” he said.

“Eh off,” she said. As if.