The Cougar’s Bargain

Release date: November 9, 2015
The Cougar's BargainHannah Welch doomed were-cougar Sean Foye to spend the rest of his life in his animal form when she refused to accept him as a mate. But an attack at the Foyes’ New Mexico ranch ended with Hannah becoming a cougar, too. She strikes a bargain with the goddess who cursed him: Sean will be freed from his furry affliction if Hannah can find him a more suitable mate.

Then the two are paired on a mission to root out a group of troublemakers, and as they work together, their icy feelings end up thawing quickly. Soon, Hannah’s not so sure she should give Sean up. He’s the only man who’s ever made her feel comfortable in her own skin—and her own fur, too. Can she prove to Sean that destiny deserves a second chance?

by Holley Trent

BUY NOWSensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Holley Trent is a Carolina girl gone west. She writes contemporary and paranormal romances that have both humor and heat. Find Holley Trent at, on Facebook, and on Twitter @holleytrent.


An excerpt from The Cougar’s Bargain:

Opening his eyes wasn’t usually such a chore for Sean. Cougars were light sleepers and could be alert and on their feet in a second at any sign of trouble. The same held true for Were-cougars, though most of the time, Sean slept in his human form.

His brain was a Tilt-A-Whirl of confusion, and the fact he could recognize it at all informed him that he’d regained full self-awareness. It’d been patchy the past several days, with him cycling in and out of control of his brain. He couldn’t remember much—just glimpses here and there—but even with his eyes closed, he knew what must have happened.

He wriggled his very human toes and balled his numb fingers into fists. His left arm, pressed beneath his ribs, tingled from poor blood flow, and his neck burned from his head being propped at a bad angle.

As he waited for his vision to focus, he drew in a long breath through his nose and itemized the scents. The familiar woody scent and linoleum—that was his finished basement. He took another breath and pushed himself to upright as the shape of his old CRT television came into focus. He caught the scent of Cougar, and not a Foye. Not a born Cougar, at that. The essence was too weak.

The person it belonged to shifted in his periphery—a blond blur. His mate.

Shit. What happened?

He rubbed his eyes and put his head against the wall.

So fuckin’ dizzy.

Shifting back to human was usually a painless process for him, but perhaps his body had come to believe that he was never going to do it again. Hell, that was where his brain had been, last he could remember. He wasn’t going to hold his breath that Hannah was going to come around, so he’d held on as long as he could to keep his human awareness front and center while he was in his animal form. He’d done it for the sake of his brothers and wanted to be around to help out. Foyes didn’t have calm, easy lives. Between running a busy woodworking business, quarreling with local Were-coyotes, and fighting the occasional demonic threat coming from the nearby, open hellmouth, the family was stretched thin with obligations. Even in his animal form, he could fight and be a comfort to his family. That was about all he could do, but it was better than nothing, or so he’d thought. As the days had worn on, he’d been less and less himself, and he’d resigned himself that the thread connecting the cougar and man in his mind was going to snap, and he’d be stuck on the wrong end of it. He had no idea what had happened in the last few days—or weeks?—or how long he’d been in that basement.

He hadn’t expected to come back. Hadn’t expected her to accept him. He should have been happy that she did, but nothing in his life seemed to come without strings attached.