Supernatural Seduction: 5 Paranormal Novellas

Release date: September 21, 2015
Supernatural Seduction

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It’s always sexier in the dark—just ask these spirits that go bump in the night. You’ll shiver with delight at what these couples discover under the sheets in five short, romantic tales that will make you believe in love at first light.

The Gettysburg Vampire: Ghosts are a popular draw in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, so college student Abby Potter takes advantage of the phenomenon by inventing a vampire folktale for the annual holiday production. Problem is, her leading man is a little too convincing in the role.

An Angel Fallen: Mark Mayer has given up being an angel to chase after his would-be beloved, a werewolf who’s gone feral because she won’t settle with a mate. Has he made a mistake thinking this is his heaven on earth? Don’t miss this Sons of Gulielmus story!

Rhapsody: Isabelle knows she shouldn’t step out on the beach for a midnight stroll with suave Jonathan, but what’s a vacation for if not a little forbidden romance? But forbidden turns to fraught with danger when they find themselves trapped in a lovers’ version of Jumanji.

A Demoness Matched: Liberated from a dangerous cult, Julia Tate needs protection from her incubus father. Luckily, she finds it at the home of reclusive former baseball star Calvin Wolf, who is hiding a hairy secret. When trouble finds them, they discover a werewolf and a demoness just might make an out-of-this-world match.

That Ol’ Team Spirit: Someone’s haunting the Sharks’ stadium and creating some major league mischief. So psychic Peg Noonan and her granddaughter Trish are determined to discover who’s menacing their concessions stand. With the help of Trish’s high school love, sportswriter Rob Hanks, they just might have a ghost of a (second) chance.

by Holley Trent, Susan Blexrud, Sharon Clare, and Bea Moon

Paranormal bundle
Sensuality Level: Sensual