Release date: October 12, 2015
SanctuarySomeone is killing empaths at the Sanctuary spiritual retreat in New Mexico and leaving cryptic Tarot cards at their murder scenes. To get to the bottom of what’s happening, Meta Corps Agent Logan Reed is assigned to work with empath Sonny Blake, who boasts incredible clairvoyant skills. Within minutes of their meeting, the pair is swept into an erotic vision that leaves them both shaken and totally clueless as to the vision’s meaning.

Soon, they are knee-deep in secrets, snipers, and a growing sexual attraction while the body count climbs. When Sonny’s father is murdered, Logan is forced to admit that even his partner may not be who she seems.

But then Sonny disappears, leaving Logan only one clue: a High Priestess Tarot card. Can he decipher the meaning of the card in time? Or will he lose this chance at love to a psychotic predator?

by Rachel James

BUY NOWParanormal
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Rachel is known for writing entertaining stories that help people understand the spiritual world better. And she always, always throws her characters into gut-wrenching situations of the magical (and romantic) kind. Find Rachel James at


An excerpt from Sanctuary:

Jenny Flores lay on the table, staring at the ceiling with lifeless eyes. What the man was doing to her was obscene. Yet, for some unknown reason, she couldn’t find the courage to make him stop.

“Kiss me,” a pleasant, deep voice said.

A hand slipped beneath Jenny’s back and lifted her torso up. She raised her face, and warm lips smothered hers. “And where are you now?” a different voice asked; it was louder, less distant.

Her breathing became erratic.

“I’m having sex with Phil. He’s a wonderful lover. We make love two or three times a week … ”

“And where are you now?” asked the voice.

“I’m in the park with Phil and the kids. It’s Sunday. We always picnic in the park on Sundays. The weather is picture-perfect, and the kids are playing with our dog, Scruggs.”

“Kiss me,” the pleasant voice interrupted again.

Jenny fell back, staring up at the ceiling with lifeless eyes. What the man was doing to her was obscene. Yet, for some unknown reason, she couldn’t find the courage to make him stop.


Hurled out of a white vortex and back to reality, empath Sonny Blake hugged the bedpost. Something was wrong with her skills. The same vision was replaying over and over—one she couldn’t make sense of, or stop.

An icy fear snaked around her heart muscle and squeezed. Was she finally going mad after all these years? Had her mind been flung in and out of time and space so many times that it could no longer tell one vision from another?

The young girl’s face swam through her mind again. Who was the girl, and why couldn’t she identify where she was?

And who owns that distant sexy voice requesting a kiss? Sonny’s inner voice asked.

And why are two visions overlapping one another? she shot back. We never mix and match our visions.

You’re the interpreter, Miss Empath. You tell me.

Her inner voice fell silent, and Sonny sighed. She was talking to herself—a clear sign that she needed to start using her brain for something more rational than stolen kisses and frightened girls. There were bills to pay, schedules to keep, and a host of employees to manage.

She attempted to haul her body away from the post, only to cling to it again as a bout of nausea swept over her. The vision had not only drained her psychic energy, but her physical energy as well. Not a good sign, her inner voice chided. No, if she kept on, she would be hauled off to the funny farm and dropped down a rabbit hole so deep not even her family would be able to find her. And who belongs to that sexy voice that keeps requesting the kiss? her inner voice prodded. He sounds delish—not like the other one.

Annoyed by her ego’s fixation on erotic kisses, Sonny crawled back under the covers. There’d be plenty of time to look for answers after she got her nausea under control. She closed her eyes, snuggling into her pillow. She needed to realign her body and mind with her personal mantra. Down the rabbit hole, one, two, three; out the rabbit hole, fiddle-dee-dee …

Sonny smiled at her self-mockery. The similarity between her and Alice in Wonderland wasn’t far off the mark. They both went down rabbit holes in pursuit of a White Rabbit—or, in her case, a white vortex. And while in Wonderland, they both endured trials that tested their souls, yet managed to re-energize their spirits.