Redeeming the Night

Release date: August 10, 2015
Redeeming the NightAs a succubus, Ashley was raised to believe men’s souls are corrupt and must be taken from them. Her sisterhood has reaped this harvest for ages, but Ashley’s exposure to the real world has changed her way of thinking. Now she is running for her life … straight into Eric Adams’s arms.

When the daughter of a Las Vegas politician disappears, private investigator and freshly turned werewolf Eric stumbles onto a frightening series of kidnapped girls. But he finds himself distracted from the case by the mysterious Ashley. Though she keeps changing her physical appearance, he recognizes her each time their paths cross—and soon their souls are intertwined.

Now they must work together to free the girls from the clutches of a serial killer, all the while dodging the sisterhood who wants them both dead. Can Eric and Ashley change their hearts as easily as they can their appearances to save something bigger than themselves?

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“Kristine Overbrook paints a vibrant image with her words. One page and the reader is completely drawn into the world she creates.” —Mary Behre, award-winning author of the Tidewater series

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Kristine Overbrook lives on the East Coast with the love of her life and their family. She fully believes that difficult things she can do right now; the impossible may take a little longer.

Find Kristine at, on Facebook, and on Twitter @krisoverbrook.


An excerpt from Redeeming the Night:

Ashley flipped her hair over her shoulder and strode confidently down the Strip. The dark night was lit by the ever colorful flashing lights. Other cities boasted that its citizens never slept, and although she’d never had a reason to leave Las Vegas, she was sure the nightlife here could give any of them a run for their money.

Every adult in this town focused on two things: sex and money. Women, men, young or old. All other necessities came second to the conquest of the seven deadly sins. And even these sins circled back to sex and money. Ah, but that was the good part. As the Mother taught her all those years ago, the deeper the coat of sin, the sweeter a soul.

Ashley had learned in the first few days of her own training that the sisterhood’s goal was to rid the world of the evils done at the hands of men. Not every soul was as corrupt as the next, and the less tainted a man’s aura, the worse the taste. Usually, after identifying those men whose hearts were mostly pure, she avoided them.

But now that Nichole had brought up the idea of a redeemable man, Ashley’s eyes lingered on the less polluted specimens. The ones she used to ignore. How they held their women close. She wondered what it would feel like to be held by such a man.

She ran her nails through her hair. Focus. She needed to concentrate on the task at hand.

The hunt could be fun. Reading thoughts, weighing sins. Separating those indulging in a weekend of transgression from those who made depravity a way of life.

She remembered her induction and rubbed a thumb over the onyx band around her left ring finger. The ceremony, the belonging. She would never be a victim again.

Striding past the people lined up outside a club, she slid into the front of the line. She’d found prey in this club before. A wink to the bouncer at the door and she was waved through without paying the cover. He wasn’t the purest man in the bunch, but as long as he remained useful he’d live. She spared a moment to wonder if the bouncer knew how close he stood to death’s door.

The rhythm of the music pounded in her chest like a second heartbeat. Colored spotlight beams crisscrossed the room. She wriggled and bounced to the pulse like those around her.

She danced through the crowd, gathering her hair behind her head, and then, raising her hands in the air, she let her long dark hair fall into shoulder-length blonde curls. No one in the pulsating room noticed; neither did they notice her eyes swirl through a rainbow of colors and land on a deep, seductive blue.

Tonight, she would find prey for Nichole. The best way to learn was to do. So, after a week of orientation, Nichole would get to put what she’d learned into action. Tonight, Ashley would find Nichole’s first kill.