Masters of Maria: Books 1 – 4

Release date: April 16, 2018
Masters of MariaWelcome to the sexiest—and snarkiest—shapeshifter community in romance: Maria, New Mexico, where heroes loom large…until their better halves show them the real meaning of love and success. Don’t miss this delightful introduction to USA Today bestselling author Holley Trent’s uniquely imaginative world.

The Demigod’s Legacy: For six hundred years, Aztec demigod and cougar shifter Tito Perez has refused to take a mate because he couldn’t protect his wife and son from his cousin’s deadly scheme. But fate has paired him anyway with the sweet bar waitress he abandoned five years ago, December Farmer, who has had enough of his slacker ways. She’s tracked him to Maria, New Mexico, to make him take responsibility for his daughter-and where Tito’s cousin waits to, yet again, take away the only things Tito holds dear. Has the time come to cast his precious humanity aside and become the unflinching warrior he never wanted to be?

The Angel’s Hunger: Cursed by his vengeful elf ex-lover eight hundred years ago, Tamatsu lost not only his voice but his power. Now he’s finally in a position to get justice: She’ll return his voice in exchange for locating her missing elf queen. That is, if Noelle can remember what happened to his voice or even what made her mad enough to curse Tamatsu in the first place. It’s not a match made in heaven, but they could make a hell of a team.

The Wolf’s Joy: Waitress Alex Cavanaugh never predicted that she’d be brazenly propositioned for a one-night stand with a needy werewolf-or that she’d be lonely enough to agree. Surprise! Her quirky, go-with-the-flow, practical personality perfectly complements Ben Swain’s wild intensity. But she’d rather be alone than with someone who isn’t fully committed, and Ben’s inner wolf has helped him claw his way to respect from his pack. He’ll always prioritize that status in his life, regardless of how loudly he’s howling for Alex. If the two can’t figure out a way to balance the two most important things in their lives, all they’ll be getting for Christmas is regret.

The Coyote’s Chance: It’s a literal fight for love when coyote shifter Blue Shapely becomes the new alpha of Maria’s pack and seizes his long-awaited chance to be his own man and eliminate chaos from the town. But demigoddess Willa Matheson, who hired Blue to rein in the pack, has a soft spot for these coyotes, so the two constantly clash on strategy. And to make things worse, all signs point to this anxious demigoddess being his mate. The duo must find a way to retract their claws before it’s too late to protect the pack’s secret-and their own hearts.

by USA Today bestselling author Holley Trent

Paranormal bundle
Sensuality Level: Sensual