Love Uncharted: 8 Otherworldly Paranormal Romances

Release date: November 3, 2014
Love Uncharted

Currently out of print

Get lost in these eight exciting paranormal love stories featuring original dimensions and thrilling adventures. From alternate realities to dystopian futures, these extraordinary romances will transport you to fabulous new frontiers where happy endings await.

Collision: Sienna’s world changes in the time it takes for an alien with golden skin and cryptic tattoos to crash down in her backyard, claiming to be her soul mate.

Out of Character: Novelist JJ creates real characters, but she never expects them to literally pop out of her book pages to help her find her own happy ending with Kennedy.

Love Remains: Busy attorneys Olivia and Tom unexpectedly find themselves thrust together in an alternate reality. As they work to foil a murderer’s plans, deeper feelings develop, but what will happen when they return to their real and very separate lives?

My Cyborg Savior: Cyborg slave Galen follows his orders and kidnaps Jamila, but soon he finds himself willing to do anything to save her—despite what it means for the future of his people.

Die Run Hide: After she aborts a mission by the counterterrorist organization who controls her in order to spare a young girl, Anika’s given an ultimatum: take on a new op that requires betraying her partner and lover, Gianni, or forfeit her own life.

Smitten Image: Lily guzzles a magic potion, and only her sexy neighbor Daniel, a secret telepath, has the power to help her harness her newfound skills.

Silent as the Grave: Felix and Cali must stop a power-hungry businessman determined to exploit supernatural beings’ abilities for his own profit. But when Cali becomes his target, can Felix save his soul mate in time?

Children of the Wolves: Jelena’s memory loss is a danger to the survivors of a global disaster, especially Michael, the man appointed her protector. They must find a way to help her recover her memories so they can live—and love—as equals.

Sensuality Level: Sensual