Locked Out of Love

Release date: November 2, 2015
Locked out of LoveJoel Kegler never thought he’d find his Mirror Mate so soon after his breakup with his long-term girlfriend, and fate couldn’t have picked a worse match. Melanie Vyntra wants nothing to do with his Guild of Truth and their super powers. Yet she quickens his blood like no other.

Melanie has had enough of helplessly watching her brother’s life be ravaged by uncontrollable visions. She’s found a group that can help cure him—but the price is high. She must use her own latent super talents and play double agent with the Guild of Truth, using Joel as her mentor.

Can he prove to her that their powers are not a curse but a gift before Melanie destroys everything he loves? Only if he puts aside his pain and trusts the one woman who can smash his heart into pieces.

by Mary K. Norris

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Author Bio:
Mary K. Norris lives in Southern California where she enjoys traveling, reading, and trying new activities so she can later write about them. Find Mary K. Norris at www.maryknorris.blogspot.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter @AuthorMKN.


An excerpt from Locked Out of Love:

Joel took another swig of his drink. He’d lost count of how many he’d had. Too many, if he was to fancy a guess. But hell, he wanted to take Felix out to celebrate. It was a sort of pre-bachelor bachelor party.

“I really am happy for her,” Joel insisted as he took another swallow of rum.

He hadn’t meant to bring up Sydney, but he couldn’t help himself.

“I know,” Felix said consolingly.

What was there to be angry about? Sydney had loved him, in her own way. It wasn’t her fault that she found her Mirror Mate, the one person in all the world who was meant for her. Only a jackass would hold a grudge against her. And Joel was not a jackass.

Okay …

Maybe he was a little bit of a jackass.

“It wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t hidden the truth from me for three months. Three months she suspected who Merrick was to her and she kept it from me.”

“Look,” Felix said as he rested a hand on his shoulder. “There are plenty of beautiful woman around this bar. Just take your pick.”

Joel continued to stare into his liquor. He didn’t want to look around. The women only reminded him of Sydney. If they didn’t have golden blonde hair then they had green eyes or small frames. He sighed.

“And don’t look now,” Felix said in a hushed voice, “but our bartender keeps glancing your way.”

Joel had been so distracted with his own thoughts, he hadn’t even realized their bartender was female. Hadn’t there been a dude filling his drinks earlier? He couldn’t remember. Maybe it was time to stop.

He finished his drink and pushed the empty glass away from him. “I appreciate the effort, Felix, I really do. But tonight is about you, not me, and I need to stop moping. It’s been nearly six months. I’m over it.”

Felix shot him a sympathetic look.

“I am over it,” he repeated, stiffening his spine. “It’s the stupid alcohol in my system turning me into this whiny bitcher, I swear. Watch, I’ll prove it to you.” He spun around on his barstool and scanned the bustling area. His gaze caught on a woman who smiled seductively and waved. Joel’s eyes instantly jumped to her hair. Golden waves.

Fuck, getting sucker punched in the gut hurt less.

He spun back around before he threw up. He dumped his head onto his forearms where they rested on the bar top. “Fuck my life,” he said miserably.

Felix laughed.

At least one of them was enjoying his misery.

“Don’t worry,” Felix said. “Your face only turned a mild shade of green. Maybe next time you’ll be able to last long enough to smile and wave back.”

“Shut up.”

Felix laughed again and clapped him on the back. “You want me to scout you out a nice dark-haired girl? But I have to warn you that you don’t get to bring some bimbo from a bar to my wedding. Got it?”

And wouldn’t that just be great? Joel was going to have to attend his best friend’s wedding stag, watching the woman he’d dated for three years bounce around on the arm of another man. His life was now complete.

He needed another drink.

As if summoned by magic, a napkin was placed down in front of him. A few seconds later another tumbler filled with rum was set on the napkin. “On the house,” said a pleasant, feminine voice.

Joel looked up and locked gazes with the most beautiful pair of crystal blue eyes he’d ever seen. A jolt went straight through his body. The woman inhaled sharply as if she’d felt the same thing, her eyes widening in alarm.

No fucking way …

Joel’s eyes darted down to the nametag on her left breast. Fern. Fern looked ready to flee. On pure instinct Joel grabbed her hand before she could pull away.

Instantly there was another shock of awareness that made his whole body hard, followed quickly by a strange numbing sensation, like his hand was slowly falling asleep.

Alarm turned to terror on Fern’s face. Her other hand instantly dropped to the counter as if she could use it as leverage to pull herself free from him, but as soon as her hand touched the hardwood top, Joel heard the distinct clink of a Lock.