Forgotten Dreams

Shane Connelly – a pretty young entrepreneur – is determined to shake things up as she leaves her drone of a boyfriend Marc, and the mean streets of Miami far behind. She goes in search of greener pastures in the North Carolina mountains, but finds it’s anything but the perfect spot to while away the hot summer months.

Her recently acquired country home turns out to be a burned out hovel in the middle of nowhere – and after a series of unexplained and chilling visions – she suspects it’s haunted. With her hopes dashed before her adventure can even begin, she is about to head home when a handsome stranger unexpectedly arrives at her doorstep.

Before she can beat a trail out of Swan Creek wine country, Shane and her handsome Cherokee neighbor Jesse are inexplicably drawn together as they dodge bullets, unearth ghosts, and unravel a dark town secret. As events reach a surprising conclusion, Shane realizes that it’s not the high altitude that’s making her head spin, but her tall lover with the penetrating dark eyes.

By Alexia Banks

“Alexia Banks’ debut romance novel delivers a sexy, fast-paced and well-plotted tale. It is laced with colorful characters, and takes readers on a paranormal adventure that reveals long-buried town secrets.” – Alice Wright, author of The Swap

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Author Bio:
Alexia Banks is a veteran writer who is known for her pithy and humorous characters and story lines.