Embrace the Desire

Release date: 20 January 2014
Embrace the DesirePayne, a Destroyer with a tormented past, has a vendetta against his father, Damon, Lord of the Underworld. Forced to put his revenge aside, he is ordered to take Chanta Timbers through her transition from human to half-goddess. She’s the hottest thing he’s ever seen or touched, and his desire for her threatens to burn him alive. With the odds stacking against him, he must relive his past, conquer his inner demons, and see past the pain that has controlled his every action in life.

As a member of the One Race, Chanta must allow Payne to take her through the transformation or die. Even though she refuses to acknowledge the desire she is feeling, she is powerless against her body’s reaction to his. No stranger to the terror of the supernatural world around her, she is scared of the beast that lurks under his skin and of the darkness that peers out of his shadowy eyes. But with each passing hour, her hunger refuses to be denied and threatens to devour them both.

The gods, meddling and always interfering with destinies, stand between Payne and Chanta, each one with their own agenda. Payne must defy the gods, endure torments and pains, and see past BUY NOWthe revenge and bitterness that has dwelled in his heart. Chanta must see past the beast, accept him as he is, and open her future to a life with the devil’s son. With so much against them, including an impending war in the Heavens and the Underworld, can they defy the odds and accept the love and desire that is screaming both their names?

by Spring Stevens

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Spring Stevens lives in Eastern Kentucky where she enjoys painting and writing. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


An excerpt from Embrace the Desire:

“Damn you!”

Lying in a bed of white silk and fur, Payne jerked hard on the chains anchoring him to the bed. The crippling pain that he endured still lingered in his muscles and deep within his bones. “Damn you to fucking hell! I will never break.”

He could survive pain; pain was something he was very accustomed to.

But this?

He was a Destroyer! He was a fighting, killing machine, damn it!

And he was chained like a dog, a beast! Expected and commanded to be subservient!

“Well, screw you!”

Flat on his back, straining against the enchanted chains, and with nothing else to do, he gave in to the thoughts running through his mind. Gyth, Lord of the Heavens and master of the Destroyers, leaned more toward torture and control than simple persuasion. No doubt, that was reason enough for the god to have enlisted Payne into his little army of immortal warriors whose chief purpose was to defeat his bitter enemy Damon, Lord of the Underworld.

Ironic really.

A virulent laugh echoed around him. Gyth threw the Destroyers to the proverbial wolves, not caring who survived as long as the enemy did not. Yeah, the enemy—Gyth’s enemies.

In reality, the Destroyers were just a tool, Gyth’s fighting force against the Underworld’s offspring, even though they had been led to believe that the sole reason for their existence was to protect the One Race, the descendants of the gods that lived on earth. Yeah, right. The age-old battle between the Heavens and the Underworld, or in truth, the battle between Gyth and Damon, which in turn had wrought the rise of the Destroyers, otherwise known as Gyth’s lapdogs.
Damon! The Serpent Lord of the Underworld, a.k.a. dear old dad.

The name ripped through Payne like shards of steel and ice. The day would come when that bastard would have to stand toe to toe with him and it was a day Payne would wait a hundred thousand lifetimes for. After he almost died when his mother-dearest and those foul-breathed witches practically flayed him alive just to make points with that scum, Damon, all he wanted to do was to cut everything of Damon’s out of his soul and have his revenge. Afterwards, he had been adopted by humans and had determined to hone his fighting skills. The only thing that kept him sane was his lust for revenge. So, when Gyth came to him and offered a means to that end, he didn’t refuse.

Now, almost two thousand years later, the plan was still the same as ever. Damon would die by his hands.