Blue Moon

Gabriel Rayner finds much more than his wayfaring brother in the Florida Keys when he rescues a drowning mermaid.

Ephyra is a mermaid who has taken human form to escape a warlord named Erebos. Ephyra must find a Champion to fight for her. She thinks the rules of engagement are easy – don’t fall in love with the Champion – but she soon discovers how dangerous it is to break this rule.

Together, in a clash of culture shock and heat, Gabriel and Ephyra battle their odds. They can’t deny the connection between them but if Gabriel becomes her Champion, he will be enslaved to the Merfolk for eternity. Can she ask him to do that? Would he do anything just to be near her?

By Anne Bourne

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Author Bio:
Anne Bourne is a pen name for the author who lives in the Midwest and loves a good story.