Check Out Crimson Author Daco’s Article in USA Today!

The Libra AffairCrimson author Daco is featured in USA Today‘s Happily Ever After blog today! In addition to being the author of the romantic suspense The Libra Affair, Daco is a practicing attorney, and she wrote a wonderful piece for the publication about how romantic fiction is like practicing law.

Here’s just a taste:

“Like the practice of law, romance fiction explores diverse and fascinating subject areas. But unlike the law, writing fiction provides a creative outlet without boundaries. One need only browse the bookstores, both physical and virtual, to find the shelves stocked with romance novels ready to take one on a wonderful journey. There’s bound to be a story for everyone: a newly created paranormal world; a romantic suspense filled with crime, spies, or serial killers; a historical romance recounting the loves of English lords and ladies; a steamy erotic romance; a light contemporary romance reminiscent of a Meg Ryan movie. Romance genres stretch as far as the imagination dares venture.”

Check out the entire article here! And don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Libra Affair today!