Eastern Desires: 4 Historical Romances

Release date: February 19, 2018
Eastern DesiresThe mysteries of the East are calling as these four couples discover the soul mates their hearts were searching for the entire time.

Love Beyond Measure: After a rough start in life, Harrison Dyer wanted a quiet, country existence. But fate (and a storm in the Indian Ocean) drives him to Siam, a world away from everything he’s ever known. In this beautiful, ancient land, Harrison finds Lamai, the woman who can soothe his battered heart. But European trade in the East can be a cutthroat affair—literally—and when he makes a shocking discovery of abuse and corruption, Harrison must risk his own freedom and a chance at happiness with Lamai for a greater cause. Only if he and Lamai put their heads—and hearts—together can they finally find the peace and love they’ve been seeking.

Revolutionary Hearts: To complete his mission in India’s fight for independence, General Carton—a.k.a. U.S. undercover operative Warren Khan—must hide both his true objective and his heritage. But once he meets the captivating Parineeta, who holds the key to both his freedom and capturing her brother, a suspected anarchist, he finds the subterfuge more difficult than anticipated.

The Unquiet Heart: F-16 pilot Captain Libby Comerford is one of a select few women qualified to fly the fabled jet; she knows she has to prove she has “the right stuff’” to the men in the squadron, some of whom are downright hostile toward women flying in combat. No wonder Libby is determined not to get involved in a romantic relationship with anyone—until she meets Major Kojiro Yoshida, a pilot in the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force who respects her for who she is. But can their passion replace his obligations to family and country?

Flame’s Dawn: Undercover operator Jane Larson is caught up in a world she can’t control or survive unless Barnaby Blackstone, a one-night fling from her past in Vietnam, is willing to bare his secrets to save her. Can they come to terms with the man he’s destined to be, or will the truth separate them forever?

by Elizabeth Boyce, Pema Donyo, Juliet McCarthy, and Jillian David

Historical bundle
Sensuality Level: Sensual