Yin and Yang

by Shay Lacy, author of Hero Needed and Touchpoint

TouchpointMany of my stories contain heroes and heroines who are yin and yang to each other. Since I believe in soul mates, it makes sense you would find them in my novels. Touchpoint, my March 11th release, contains two people who are similar, yet different: yin and yang. Yet, before a catalyst occurs, they might never have seen they fit together like that.

Events and experiences in our lives mold us and build our character. Sometimes, they shape us into a perfect mate for someone.

Think of romances you’ve read where the long-absent hero comes home, where the heroine has remained all that time. He’s grown while he’s been away, and he’s changed. During his journey, his experiences have made him yearn for hearth and home. Now he’s a better match for the heroine. Now think of life-altering events as journeys not in miles, but in the minutes that shape us: a car accident, the death of someone close to us, a cancer diagnosis. In a second, everything changes and no longer are we the person we were before.

In Touchpoint, my hero has led a golden life, loved, successful, accepted. He’s never been rejected. In his adult life, he hasn’t known pain or failure. Enter the catalyst and everything changes. Enter the heroine, who formerly was his opposite, and now in many ways she’s not. Now their strengths and weaknesses complement. Now, together, they can heal one another, fight villains, solve mysteries, win a lifelong love…if they can accept their new post-catalyst reality. Life has changed for them. They have changed. But part of growth is accepting what can’t be changed, that your old life is gone.

True yin and yang contain points of commonality. They are not true opposites. They share core needs, for example, the need to found a strong family unit. Those soul mates may come together in fire and passion, but once fused, they make the strongest romantic bonds. A true happily ever after.