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Numbers Never Lie
A while back, Crimson author Shelley K. Wall, whose Numbers Never Lie releases this week, mentioned a strange call she received and how it sparked an idea for a writing challenge.  I thought the idea was so fun, I said, “Oh, can we use that on the Crimson site?” which she kindly agreed to do.

Writing Challenge by Shelley K. Wall

This is a true story. I received a message on my cell phone, a male voice that said, “Sometimes you don’t even know … or realize … that you’re being manipula….” The voice was cut off before finishing the last word but it was obvious he was going to say manipulated. There were a lot of voices and noise in the background. The number was not local.

I assume it was a wrong number and he realized his mistake and hung up….but for writing purposes, it could be sooo much more than a wrong number, couldn’t it? [Shelley wouldn’t be a romantic suspense author if she didn’t think this way!] Isn’t that a totally awesome and intriguing way to start a story?

So here’s the writing challenge: come up with a short blurb that describes the story that happens after the phone call — it can be anything, humor, suspense, sexy! Post your blurb in the comments, and we’ll pick a random winner to get a copy of Shelley’s new book! Add your comment to this blog post by 11:59 p.m. on August 31, 2012 to be put into the drawing.

4 thoughts on “Writing Challenge from Numbers Never Lie Author

  1. Pam B Morris

    Okay, you asked…

    “Sometimes you don’t know you’re being manipul-”
    “Stop! Don’t you dare say it. I’m not manipulative, so much as, well, greedy.”
    “Greedy? So wanting what, fame, fortune, a lottery winning ticket? Just not me.”
    “Oh, I want you too, sweetie. On my arm stepping out of my Maserti wearing that yummy Christian Dior number I bought at Saks Fifth Avenue and draped in diamonds from Tiffany’s on my way to bidding on a Picasso at Sotheby’s in London!”

  2. M.J. Schiller

    My story goes like this: the caller on the line is actually her husband, calling from a hotel lobby. He’s feeling extremely remorseful because he had a one night affair. He looks up and sees his mistress heading towards him and hangs up. But she’s not just his mistress, she’s his blackmailer. She seduced him, filmed them together, and now is blackmailing him to steal money from the corporation they work at and put it into her account. His confession was going to start off with, “Sometimes you don’t know you’re being manipulated, until it all spirals out of control….”

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  4. Laura

    Ok Shelley…I can’t resist this challenge. Here’s my version of what came next!
    “…manipula…” Click. Huh? What the H was that about? She shrugged and made a mental note to call the phone company. She’d been getting wrong number messages too much this past week. She went to the fridge to pull out a bottle of water. Just as she unscrewed the top, the phone rang again. And a knock sounded at the kitchen door. Why would anyone be bothering her so late at night? She turned and fear jolted through her. A tall figure stood on the other side of the glass paned door and a large hand reached for the knob. She snatched up the ringing phone. “Yes?” Loud music and voices blared into her ear. And then a male voice whispered, “Good. You’re home.”