Worth the Wait?

By Synithia Williams, author of You Can’t Plan Love and Worth the Wait

Worth the WaitA few years ago, women everywhere were told by the latest relationship expert to wait three months before having sex with a man. Whether you agree or disagree with this advice, it got me to thinking about sex and relationships. Especially woman waiting until they were married before having sex. Even with our sex-is-everywhere culture I’m sure there are those who’re waiting. I have friends who made the promise to wait until marriage. And while this is very commendable, I’d imagine it’s something that’s hard to do.

No one likes to put pressure on a new relationship. Often we’re afraid of saying “I love you” too soon, or asking to move in together before the other person is ready. Therefore, I’d assume telling a new significant other that you will not be sleeping with them until after a wedding ceremony, would put a lot of pressure on a relationship.

That thought process got me to the idea for my latest release, Worth the Wait. My heroine, Tasha Smith, has waited and waited for “Mr. Right” only to come across a bunch of “Mr. Wrongs”: guys either excited by the idea of taking her virginity, or who run in the opposite direction because sex with her means marriage. Frustrated by her nonexistent love life, Tasha takes matters into her own hands and asks Jared Patterson (playboy and entrepreneur) to relieve her of her virginity.

If any of you read my first novel, You Can’t Plan Love, then you know I couldn’t let things go according to Tasha’s plans. What was supposed to be a one night stand turns into a secret affair. And because I need some added drama, I threw in an unexpected situation that almost ruins their relationship.

I had fun letting my imagination run wild with this story, but again, it’s based on my imagination. I’m curious to know what you think though. Do you believe a woman saving herself for marriage would have a hard time dating in the new millennium?