Why Write a Shifter Romance?

By Susan Arden, author of Tempted by Trouble and Collared for a Night

Collared for a NightA writer of romance holds a wonderful position. We are fortunate to dive into subjects that interest us. Unlike a journalist who might be given an assignment, a romance writer enjoys much freedom.

When I started thinking about writing a new story, I looked to one of the charities I support and thought why not. Panthera is an organization that supports wild animals around the world. And by wild, I mean untamed, large cats. Lions, tigers, cougars, cheetahs, and oh yes…LEOPARDS.

Why go there in romance?

Shifter love stories take romance into the sensory realm. Untamed animals possess a fluid grace that reminds me of dancers. I found myself wondering what would it be like to be a shifter. Moving between the world of humans into that of primal creatures.

These types of people-creatures would have heightened a sense of sight, taste, and smell even when occupying their human forms. And don’t get me started on talking about pheromones. These power punches are chemical messengers that signal warnings, the availability of food, and yes, sexual allure. Like perfume, but a whole lot sexier and featured in the shifter world. After all, this is a story about people who walk a fine line between human and wild creature. Thinking about the romance aspects? The romantic scenes I write contain the shifters in human form. The leopard part of their persona explosively surfaces during times of high stress such as danger. This shift allows the hero and heroine an advantage such as additional strength in order to effectively avoid an enemy. Yet spontaneous shifting poses its own threats directly to the hero and/or heroine.

Shifter romances come under the category of paranormal and fantasy. There are various forms of shifter love stories popular today including wolves, bears, lions, leopards, and scads more. Shifter romances are action-packed and fast-moving stories. The romance incorporates a seductive use of the senses and allows the reader a window in which to view the world through the eyes of a wild animal.

Take a trip on the wild side of romance and try a shifter love story. Leap. I’ll catch you.