Why I Write … And Why It’s Primarily Romance

By Shelley K. Wall, author of Numbers Never LieBring It On, and The Designated Drivers’ Club

The Designated Drivers' ClubLife is hard and filled with stress, bills, and difficult battles. Those battles are often triggered by either personal or professional relationships that drive our success. We each have different aspects on this and certainly different crosses to bear.

There comes a point in our lives when each of us decides what we want to be. Not a vocation, that’s just a mechanism. I’m talking about core values, beliefs, and what people will choose to remember about you.

I believe that the only thing that we can hope to leave behind is our love for our family, friends, and community. Beyond that, if we’re lucky enough to make any other impression – that’s a gift. I have a fairy tale life filled with a strong family, great husband, and gobs of fun experiences. Yes, I’ve had to struggle for those but it was worth it.

Writing about romance and sprinkling it with doses of drama and flavor that express the things that matter the most is a blast. Much of the writing contains multicultural relationships, family struggles, personal growth, and overcoming past issues. These things have been a definitive part of my life and molded my values. Sharing them is not only a desire to write – it’s a desire to define myself.

The Designated Drivers’ Club was a concept that evolved from a conversation with friends some time ago. We knew someone that got a DUI on the way home from a friend’s function. It was disastrous for that person’s job as well as other things. Someone mentioned there should be a service for people to call if they need a ride and don’t already have a designated driver. Of course, we came up with all sorts of hilarious things that could happen to a business like that, most of which did not make it into the book. From this the book idea was born. The book delves deep into dealing with the past, trusting in love, and family ties that strengthen us. I hope you will read it and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write … And Why It’s Primarily Romance

  1. Leslie Garcia

    Sounds like a wonderful read, Shelley. Love the idea of a designated driver club in reality, too–at least here in Laredo, we don’t have one. Besides being the springboard for a story I’m looking forward to reading, in practical terms it might save lives–and careers!

    Take care, and continued success!