Why I Love Crimson Romance

Ruby's RewardI know you probably think I love Crimson Romance because I get to spend my days looking at pictures of shirtless men and reading romance novels, but that’s not why. Or, okay, that’s why, but it’s not the only reason why.

I’ve written a couple of sweet contemporary romances that have been published under the pen name Jenny Jacobs, but I have a fevered imagination, so I’ve also written sexy romances, paranormal romances, romantic suspense, and historicals. So when the publisher asked me to manage the Crimson Romance imprint, I had one burning question:

Can I add my previously unpublished romances to the lineup?

Of course! said the publisher. That would be fantastic! (Okay, maybe she didn’t include the exclamation points, but I like to imagine she did.)

Like a lot of romance authors, I had been thinking about the future of my writing career and what the advent of eBooks would mean to it, and while I was game to try eBook publishing, I also wanted to make sure I had the right publisher. I’ve been a nonfiction book author for many years, and I knew that having the wrong publisher was a disaster. I also knew I didn’t want to try self-publishing.

Enter Crimson Romance. A solid parent company (F+W Media) is backing the venture. The contract — I sign the same one all the authors do — is fair for everyone. The company has a good publicity plan. And because I’m terribly self-interested, it’s got a few extra perks for authors, too. I made sure we hired great editors who really get romance — and love it as much as I do. I asked our publisher to make sure we would do print-on-demand versions of all our titles because, frankly, I want to stack a couple of print copies of my romances on my bookshelf. (This is in the works.) I made sure we would have a number of people doing the behind the scenes work so that I can spend a good chunk of my time answering authors’ questions and making sure they feel supported in their efforts.

Why am I telling you all this? Because one of my titles is releasing this week and I wanted to share my excitement! And I can’t do that if you don’t know about it!

Ruby’s Reward is a fun spicy romance that I wrote under the pen name Alicia Thorne. She writes all the super-sexy stuff (she also wrote Inventing Sin). I hope you enjoy it!

My alter ego Jessica Starre (author of A Certain Kind of Magic and Children of the Wolves) writes paranormal and other subgenres. My daughter named her (“She sounds a little like a porn star, sweetie.” “I love this name.” “Okay.”) and likes printing the covers off and pinning them to the wall in her bedroom.

Jenny Jacobs is still fixated on writing sweet romances.

I believe in Crimson Romance, and Crimson Romance believes in me — and in all of our authors. That’s why I love Crimson. Although the shirtless men don’t hurt one bit.

6 thoughts on “Why I Love Crimson Romance

  1. Micah Persell

    Okay, I’m a HUGE fan of “Alicia Thorne”! Inventing Sin is one of my all-time-fav romance reads. Everyone needs to read it. Now. I pre-ordered Ruby’s Reward about twenty years ago and am very impatiently waiting for release day 🙂