Why Historical Romance?

By Marie Patrick, author of A Treasure Worth Keeping

A Treasure Worth KeepingI am so excited! My fifth historical romance is came out yesterday. It’s called A Treasure Worth Keeping and it’s the story of Caralyn McCreigh, a woman who has always believed in three things: that her father, Daniel, would never force her into marriage; that she could have a story book romance and a loving marriage like her parents share; and in the existence of the legendary lost treasure, Izzy’s Fortune. When Daniel tells her that her marriage has been arranged, all her beliefs are shattered and she does exactly as he hopes she will do – she embarks on a quest to find Izzy’s Fortune, believing Queen Isabella’s treasure will buy her out of a marriage she doesn’t want to a man she doesn’t know or love. And who better to help her than Captain Trey, the infamous treasure hunter?

I was telling a friend (oh, who am I kidding? I’ve been telling everyone who will stand still long enough to listen!) about how much fun I had writing this story and she asked, why Historical Romance? Why not contemporary? Why not suspense or horror?

Why historical? Well, the short answer is that I love history. The longer answer? I was very fortunate to have a teacher in high school who made history come alive for me and as crazy as it may sound, I love to research. There’s nothing better than allowing myself to get lost in the history of a time and place, finding little tidbits of interest and weaving them into the story. Then, of course, there are all those wonderful, incredible historical romances written by some very fabulous authors that I started devouring at fourteen and haven’t stopped devouring decades later.

Why Romance? Because I am such a sucker for that happily ever after. I can’t help myself. I’ve been that way all my life….always looking for that happy ending, because really, we all want it. We all wish for it. Some of us are still looking for it; some of us are lucky enough to have found it….like me….and Caralyn.

Have you found yours?