Why Do Readers Love the Secret Baby Romance?

By Kathryn Brocato, author of Old Christmas and Sutherland’s Pride

Sutherland's PrideSeveral enduring themes exist in the romance market that readers always seem to find irresistible, and they usually do well because fans of those particular themes are real suckers for their favorites, plus it’s almost guaranteed they will enjoy the story. One of these enduring themes is the “secret baby,” the baby that one of the parents, usually the baby’s father, never knew existed.

Of course the reasons why the hero didn’t know the heroine was pregnant with his baby vary tremendously. Sometimes, the baby resulted from a one-night stand, and the two protagonists never expected to meet again, but of course they do. At other times, for one reason or another, the hero must leave and can’t come back for the heroine for quite some time. Sometimes the “secret baby” has yet to be born, at other times he or she is a teenager or anywhere in between. But be that as it may, the father of that baby suffers a severe shock when he discovers the existence of his child, and since these are romantic stories and he is a hero at heart, he wants to do the right thing by the child.

We know what happens, of course, but the fun lies in how we get there. Each author has a different take on how the secret is kept, and why and how it finally gets revealed. Then there are the repercussions of the revelation, and the character growth that ensues. What’s not to love in a “secret baby” story?

According to RT Book Reviews, one of the reasons the theme remains popular is because “The storyline taps into deep emotions—for the heroine, hero, and the reader.”

And there we have the secret to all good romance. It taps into our deepest emotions and in the end, leaves us satisfied that love is truly the greatest force in the universe.

My new release from Crimson Romance, Sutherland’s Pride, is my take on the “secret baby” story. Flynn Sutherland, believes he is sterile, and when the woman he loves, Pride Donovan, tells him she is pregnant, he believes she is either trying to force him to propose marriage, or she is seeing someone else on the side. By the time he decides to marry her anyway Pride has vanished, and he hears she had a miscarriage . . . if she was ever really pregnant in the first place. When Pride returns, with her cousin and four small children in tow, Flynn has no idea that one of the children is his own son.

The fun lies in Flynn’s discovery that Pride is a mother, and the realization that her child is also his child. Then he has a whole new problem, namely, how to convince Pride that he wants to marry her because he loves her and not because he sees marriage as the only way to gain access to his son.

All you “secret baby” romance lovers out there, enjoy!