Why Aussie Men are the Best

By Caroline Carter, author of Surge

SurgeHi… Caroline Carter here!

My debut novel Surge is available now from Crimson Romance, and I’m super excited! It’s a contemporary romance set down under, about a girl who studies law during the week, but who escapes to the coast to surf on the weekends. And of course it’s also about the mysterious, hot guy who turns up in her life….

So, incase you need some convincing about why you should add this Australian romance to your reading list, read on!

10 Reasons Why Aussie Guys Are The Hottest

1. Hugh Jackman.
2. They don’t use hair straighteners.
3. They know how to deal with spiders.
4. They know how to fix stuff.
5. They’re tanned and muscled, without even trying.
6. Health and fitness is their way of life.
7. They’re like a good chocolate – hard on the outside, but all melty on the inside.
8. They’re laid back… in a good way.
9. They’re committed to their women.
10. Hugh Jackman.

Intrigued? Interested? Then I hope you’ll like my book!
In the meantime, happy reading, and I’ll see you down the track.

Love and best wishes, Caroline xx

Who’s your favorite Australian hottie?