Why Are Athletes’ Uniforms So Sexy?

By Debra Kayn, author of SecretlyConveniently, SeductivelyBreathing His Air, and Wildly.

secretlyWhen I started writing the Playing For Hearts series, it never entered my mind how sexy the uniforms of athletes can be. Of course, I showed them a lot in their downtime and out of uniform, but I also show them on the court, the slope, the ice, and the field. In Secretly, Gary Satchel is a professional football player for the Seattle Seahawks.

Jersey. Helmet. Cleats. Shoulder pads. Tight pants…and a cup.

I’ll be honest and say I backed one scene into the corner while I was writing because of the uniform. Things were getting hot and heavy in the locker room, and the heroine reaches down. I froze. Then my head hit the desk. I couldn’t have a football player in uniform without wearing a cup, but talk about birth control. That sucker was more protective than a condom. Luckily, Gary doesn’t let a little, er, big plastic cup stand in his way. Ladies come first, and Angie definitely came first.

Here’s an excerpt leading up to the big cup discovery:

He sat motionless, letting her strip away his jersey. When the material fell away, he reached up to untie the front of his shoulder pads, and she stopped him.

“Let me,” she whispered.

Angie stood between his knees, her fingers taking their sweet time. This close to her, he reacted.

“You smell good,” he said.

She smiled, glancing at him. “Ah, shucks, that’s what all the stinky players tell me.”

“Better not be,” he muttered.

She laughed softly. “Jealous?”

“From day one.” He put his hands on her hips and dragged her closer.

“Gary.” Her voice warned him.

He scanned the locker room and smiled. There was an hour left of practice. Unless someone had to use the john or were injured and looking for Angie, they were alone.

“Come here,” he said.

“I’m right here.” She spread the front of his pads and wiggled them down his arms, then paused to look at him. “What?”

“Kiss me.” He held her arms, bringing her hands to the front of him. “Before someone comes in here and ruins my fantasy.”

She gave him a quick peck. “Fantasy?” she said on a laugh.

“Hell, yeah.” He dragged her back for a real kiss. “You. Me. The table. Maybe the shower afterward. You wearing my jersey, and nothing else…”

“Stop.” She quivered. “We can’t.”

“What? The girl who swore to me she loved the idea of keeping us secret is too chicken to fool around behind everyone’s back?” He leaned back to look her in the eyes. “Brawk…”

“I am not.” She stepped away and pointed. “I think you’re loose enough that we can get started on your massage. Lie down.”

“No, ma’am.” He grinned, sliding off the table and backing her across the room. “In all my daydreams, it was me calling the shots, not you. You wouldn’t believe what I had you doing…and you loved it.”

She kept retreating, staying one foot away from him. “I did?”

“Yeah.” He closed the distance and took her to the wall. He pressed into her. “Of course, in my head, I wasn’t wearing a damn cup in my jockstrap and covered in sweat.”

She giggled as he kissed her neck. “Is that what I’m feeling?”

He grunted his answer. If he were home right now, he’d have her flat on her back and be inside of her.

But he wasn’t home. He was in the locker room.

After writing that scene, I started thinking about what women find sexy about athletes. I’m pretty sure tight football pants rank high on the list.

What do you find sexy about football players?


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