Where ‘Meeting in Madrid’ Meets ‘Rock Him’

By Rachel Cross, author of Rock Her and Rock Him

Meeting in MadridI’ve been reading romances since I discovered Harlequin and Barbara Cartland at twelve years of age—and there is a special place in my heart for old school romance, though I’m more of a Georgette Heyer lover than a Rosemary Rodgers aficionado. I was intrigued by Dorothy Fletcher’s Meeting in Madrid because the plot shared certain similarities with my contemporary romance Rock Him.

Though over forty years separate Rock Him and Meeting in Madrid, they share certain qualities I gravitate toward in reading and writing romance. My heroine, Maddy, is an independent, self-confident teacher. She’s a person of character whose life is about to be altered by a chance meeting on a plane.  In Meeting in Madrid, Kelly Jones is a flight attendant, back in the sixties when stewardesses had a glamorous, enviable job.  She’s dependable and independent to a fault. Her character is also about to be tested by a child she meets on a flight, a boy who is a precocious prodigy.

These two women, and the men they become involved with, find themselves and their new relationship tested by a child—a child fate has given them responsibility for.

Meeting in Madrid is part suspense, part travelogue (I must go to Spain) and part ‘historical’ romance. They smoke and cook on the plane! They serve Fresca and Sanka!

And while Rock Him shares none of the attributes above, there is something eerily similar in the execution of the love stories—four individuals not looking for romance who find their lives transformed by the shared experience of caring for a vulnerable child. A transformation that leads to love and happily ever after.