When You’re All Alone…

By Mari Manning, author of Holding Out for a Hero and Angel Without Wings

Angel Without WingsI’m a Gemini. For those of you not into astrology, it means I have two distinct sides. The one I write with is my idealistic, romantic side. The other side is a bit more realistic. If you want to see my idealistic side, all you have to do is read my books: Holding Out for a Hero and Angel Without Wings. They are romantic and fun and a little sweet, a little spicy.

If you are up for a slightly grittier experience, you can read my blogs, which look at the humor and humanity in all the odd information I come across on the internet. For example, I recently discovered a survey on “meeting introverts.” I don’t understand why people are searching out introverts, but since the survey was done by a confessed “introvert,” I sort of wonder if there’s some wishful thinking at work here.

At any rate, it turns out that (surprise!) introverts like to hang out in bookstores and don’t mind being “chatted up.” Just over 79% are fine with this provided “it is done right.” Yeah, me too.

Some of the survey comments are priceless. Try to guess if the person who said this is an introvert or an extrovert (or maybe just cranky): “I really think that if someone is going to start a conversation, they should put in the effort to keep it going. I cannot stand someone making a comment about the book I’m reading and then expecting me to carry the conversation about it.” So there.

Here’s another one: “I don’t mind being chatted up in a public place if my mother is not with me.” That might not be an extrovert vs. introvert issue. Just saying.

The most realistic comment (not to be tolerated in a good romance) is this one: “I find being chatted up anywhere very creepy indeed.” I was not convinced that extroverts are never wary of friendly strangers until I read the ultimate extrovert comment from the survey: “Always out annoying introverts, evidently, since I have never met a stranger.”

Maybe introverts aren’t born. Maybe they’re driven to it by annoying extroverts.

6 thoughts on “When You’re All Alone…

  1. elleyarden

    Hi, Mari! I’m an extrovert who isn’t all that comfortable with being approached in public. I’m usually “out” with a purpose, and being chatted up randomly is a delay. It makes me wonder how many self-described introverts are actually just busy people. 🙂

    Good luck with the release!


  2. lcrandall246

    Interesting post about strange things on the Internet. I’m happily an introvert, do enjoy hanging out in bookstores, and don’t want to be chatted up but like meaningful conversations. I may be on the look out now for people wanting to meet me, but I don’t wear a sign “Introvert.” I’m wondering, what do you consider yourself?

    Good luck with your book!

  3. RCross

    Love this post! I’m pretty far over on the E side, husband is just as far on the I side. We take opposites attract to a whole new level since we don’t share a single MBTI letter in common. As for astrology? I’ve read that my Virgo and his Pisces combine for an “astrological hell”. Not so 🙂
    Can’t wait to read your book!