What Is Your Power?

By Lisa White, author of The Laws of Love and Discovery

DiscoveryWe’ve all heard the stories. True, superhuman acts of heroism by otherwise normal people. Like in 2006, in Tucson, Arizona when Tim Boyle saw a Chevrolet Camaro hit an 18-year-old boy and pin him, still alive, underneath. Boyle ran to the scene of the accident and lifted the Camaro off the teenager, while the driver of the car pulled him to safety. Or as in Ivujivik, Quebec, again in 2006, when Lydia Angyiou wrestled a large polar bear that she saw lumbering toward her son and another boy while they played hockey. Angyiou tackled the polar bear and fought it while the boys ran for help. Angyiou suffered a few wounds, but was ultimately triumphant over the bear. She was able to hold it off long enough for a neighbor to shoot the bear to death. Whether these acts stemmed from adrenaline or divine intervention, in both cases Boyle and Angyiou found their Powers in those sparse moments.

Everyone has a Power. Deep inside. Something that makes them special. Something that makes them a better person. Something that makes their life worth living. While not everyone’s power is as evident as, say, Aretha’s voice Power or Picasso’s artistic Power – nevertheless everyone does have a Power. It may be as elaborate as Frank Lloyd Wright’s design Power, or as simple as the Power to make the bag boy at your local grocery store smile. But it is a Power nonetheless, because for that bag boy, you may be the highlight of his day.

In my new book, Discovery, Grace Mackay is thrown into a world of Powers with nothing but her best friend and Guardian, Ben, to guide her. She feels lost amid the threat of death and the reappearing love she feels for Ben. But despite the death, despite the conflicting emotions she feels for Ben, somehow in the middle of this new, chaotic Powers world, Grace discovers her own Power. She evolves from a struggling young waitress into a strong, determined woman with a Power so rare it has not been seen in centuries.

Now, not everyone has a superhuman Guardian to help them discover their own Power. But if we at least recognize that we do, in fact, have a Power, we are already halfway to the point of discovering that Power. That Power may last one day such as the Power to score the winning touchdown in the last game of the season. Or it may be persistent like the Power to bake the best chocolate chip cookies in the neighborhood over and over again. But regardless of whether your Power is persistent or a one-time shot – it remains your Power. Yours and yours alone.

So the next time the local grocery bag boy smiles at you, remember your Power. And if you really want to make his day even better, take a moment to ask him:


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