What I Love About Romance

Hot Off the PressSo the web guy said, “Time for a new poll!” I warned you this day would come, and I urged you to vote for the Greek sailor, but y’all voted for the cowboy instead, which is enough to discourage a gal. Not that I’m bitter. I think y’all are terribly, tragically wrong, but I have a big enough heart to believe you are just misguided, and have merely failed to appreciate the wonder that is the Greek sailor, even though I gave you pictures, and so I forgive you.

As I spent so much time last week urging everyone to vote for the Greek sailor, I started to worry that y’all might think that I believe romance is all hot heroes and shirtless men, and nothing could be further from the truth.

What I love about romance is the happily ever after. I am all for hot heroes/shirtless men, but what keeps me coming back is getting to the happily ever after.

What do you love about romance? Take the poll, and tell Crimson your thoughts in the comments!

13 thoughts on “What I Love About Romance

  1. Jessica

    We just received a Twitter comment that someone would have liked an option for “steamy love scenes that get you hot and flustered.” I would like to agree with that! Other then that, watching love conquer all never gets old!

  2. Carol

    Who doesn’t want a happily ever after? But it’s the way love can overcome any obstacle to get to that happy ending that keeps me reading romance. When the seemingly impossible becomes possible, ah yes, those are the romances I love.

  3. M.V. Freeman

    I’m a paranormal gal. I like them strong, irritating, and sexy. But, my favorite thing is getting to know the hero–what is different about him? Does he like to drink? Does he smoke? What does he feel about rules? What would stop him in his tracks and would he give up everything for someone? –These are the questions I ask. A Greek sailor would fit…especially if he was Poseidon…already an idea forms…

  4. nora snowdon

    i like reading about kickass heroines who get their happily ever after, probably because i’d like to be one to get the ultra hot guy at the end. also if the story makes me laugh along the way, that makes it even better.

  5. lisa white

    For me it is the happily ever after! Life has enough ups and downs as it is – don’t we all want to see at least one thing work out in the end and leave everyone with that “Awww” feeling?

  6. Betty

    I love the electricity that is tangible between two people when they are falling in love. That crazy-I-don’t-need-sleep-or-food feeling that makes you think anything is possible. And in romance, it is!

  7. synithiaw

    Ahhh, the happily ever after is why I love romance. Especially if it’s good enough to elicit a sappy sigh when I close the book…or press last page on my Kindle. I will admit that the hunky hero runs a very close second 🙂