What I Find Sexy

By Becky Flade, author of Fated Souls

Fated SoulsI was thinking today about what I find sexy. A man sleeping with a tiny baby nestled in the crook of his arm. My man offering me the last piece of his favorite candy; his finely shaped rear end wrapped in his oldest jeans; and the muscles in his upper arm popping out when he opens the pickle jar for me, are all in my list of top ten. Being asked to dance for no reason and not caring who sees. But best of all is laughing, just because. These are the things that I find sexy. They’re ordinary and I like that about myself; with luck I’m a better writer for it.

We read about, or in my case write about, extraordinary people in extraordinary situations doing extraordinary things but let’s face it – it’s the little things these characters do and say that make us say “awe.” It’s the little things that make the characters feel genuine and make us connect with them. Otherwise how would we feel the hero’s pain or share the heroine’s embarrassment?

One of my favorite moments writing Fated Souls came when Maggie, angry, embarrassed, rejected by Aidan, catches him watching her from his window as she’s pulling her car out of the parking space in front of his house, flips her middle finger up at him. That felt very real to me. Not a sexy scene, obviously, but it made me smile, and it really made me see Maggie more than any scene that had come before it.

Aidan is a very strong man but the strength is in a lot of ways his downfall. He has spent so much of his life being strong and hiding that he’s forgotten, in a very real way how to be human. The laughter that Maggie brings back into to his life, by force, that opens him back up and it terrifies him but he can’t let her go. Instead he uses his strength to create a barrier between them.

He has no clue that Maggie is the stronger of the two because she has the courage to both love and accept him.

I have these two extraordinary people in this extraordinary situation doing extraordinary things but it’s the little ordinary details that made them come alive. Their flaws; the music they listen to; the insults they fling when their feelings are hurt; how they react to fear and rejection, this is what made me care about Maggie and Aidan. It’s what I hope makes you care about what happens to them, too. And the everyday things that make us say “awe?” I hope you find them as sexy as I do, too.

I can hear some snotty someone somewhere saying “Isn’t she pedestrian?”

Fine, let them. Because while that someone is busy being miserable, I’m busy laughing, making love, being happy, and writing stories about the extraordinary.

What do you find sexy? Share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “What I Find Sexy

  1. LivRancourt

    You’re not pedestrian, you’re very wise. And you’re also dead on right. I don’t care how extraordinary a character or situation is, it’s the human details that make them real. Thanks for the post. Looking forward to grabbing a copy of your book!