Crimson Anniversary Post: What a Difference a Year Makes

By Lynn Cahoon, author of The Bull Rider’s Brother and The Bull Rider’s Manager

The Bull Rider's Manager12 months
52 weeks
365 days
8,760 hours
525,600 minutes

Okay, so you get my point. Last year, on June 4th, I joined the ranks of published authors. The Bull Rider’s Brother, my debut, was published by Crimson Romance. I remember the night I sent the query. It was Friday night and I didn’t expect to hear anything until the next week.

An hour later, I had a request for the full. A week after that, my first offer of publication. I sat at my desk at the day job and read the offer to publish several times before I turned to my neighbor and said, “I think I just sold my first book.”

Since that first sale, I’ve been on a learning curve. What is promotion and what is stalking? When do you focus on writing and when is hanging out on Facebook considered ‘working’? What do you mean I need a website?

So where am I going with all these rambles. For readers out there, I want you to know that your favorite stories don’t just happen. Authors write the story, then we have people critique the work, then we do another draft. Then, we start to query publishers (after doing our research on who is hot and who just takes the money and runs). Once we get a request from a query, we may review the pages again, just to make sure we didn’t use THERE instead of THEIR or TWO for TOO. After the publisher says we love your work, then we get to become lawyers (or hire one) to decode the contracts.

Then you think we’re done, right?

Ha. No. After we sign the contract, then the edits start in full force. The secondary characters you loved and thought brought a level of humor to the story – cut. Your jokes – cut. And could you please re-write the beginning chapter to add a zoo and a priest which show up in your last chapter?

Okay, maybe not that.

But writing stories is hard work. Selling them is harder. And then the journey to publication, even more work.

And you know what? I love every bit of it.

Lynn CahoonHappy Anniversary Crimson Romance. It’s been a wild and wacky year, but I’m so proud to be one of your authors.

Thanks for letting me come along for the ride.


Lynn Cahoon is the author of The Bull Rider’s Brother and The Bull Rider’s Manager (Crimson Romance 2012). In 2013 she’ll be finishing Jesse’s story (the bull rider) along with other small town adventures available at fine digital bookstores, everywhere. She blogs at her website:

11 thoughts on “Crimson Anniversary Post: What a Difference a Year Makes

    1. LynnC

      Hi Elley – I know, I don’t think anyone tells you the work that’s after the sale. It would scare all the new writers away. LOL Or maybe they tried and I just didn’t listen.

      Best job ever – anyway.

  1. LynnC

    Hi TF!
    A year ago I would have said that a writer writes the book, sells it, then moves on. Funny how much you don’t know about publishing until you’re working in the field. I’m getting a free ph.d in the business. LOL

    Thanks for commenting.