Welcome to the Embrace Series

By Spring Stevens, author of Embrace the Fire and Embrace the Desire

Embrace the DesireWelcome to the Embrace series, a world where things really do go bump in the night and creatures from the Underworld walk upon the earth to devour and destroy by the command of Damon, a god exiled from the Heavens. His bitter enemy, Gyth, the Lord of the Heavens, took actions and used his son’s power to create a group of warriors known as the Destroyers to keep Damon’s wraith in check.

But the hierarchy of this universe is complicated with laws and balance that must be maintained. An ancient rivalry between two of the eldest gods, Jaiden and Isten, comes out of the past and hammers into the here and now to take the Destroyers, the gods of the Heavens and the Underworld, and all humanity on a whirlwind path with destruction of the known universe hanging by a thin string. No one is safe and the only thing standing between destruction and redemption are the Destroyers.

Each of the Destroyers have a tormented past, a beast under their skin, and a choice to make that will lead them into evil or reinforce their desire to protect humanity and the One Race, those descended from the gods. The Embrace series tells the Destroyers’ stories, each one unique and tormented, and reveals two paths before them forcing them to make a choice that will either condemn the future or absolve the past. When they come to the crossroads, loyalties will be tested, truths will be revealed, and the past and future will collide around the women that will help them define who and what they are.

So buckle up, prepare for the ride, and pray that the Destroyers find the one thing that they all need, love. With them standing between the forces of good and evil, it would only take one Destroyer turning completely evil to throw the balance off and plunge the world into a war between the Heavens and the Underworld with earth as the battlefield.

Excerpt from Embrace the Desire:

Compelling her to watch, he let his eyes change. Allowing the “demon,” aka his Destroyer that lay under his skin, to come out to play, he let his black irises expand devouring the white part of his eyes. Slowly, he let his double-edged fangs unsheathe, a gift from his father. As they slid down over his bottom lip, she scrambled backwards, her eyes wide with terror.

“What are you?”

His voice warped, twisted, a hissing sound hanging on every s. “Didn’t Gyth tell you why Destroyers are so good at killing? We’re all demons under our skin.” She rolled under the fence and was on her feet before he could count to three. He wanted to chase her, wanted to get her in his arms again, and wanted to kiss those lips. Without looking back, she ran to the sanctuary, ran from the demon that lurked under his skin. And he could only remain as he was, crouched low to the ground, fighting every instinct in his entire body.